The Silver Cord, by J.C. Mead Reply



4 out of 5

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J.C. Mead did a great job on this book.  It kind of starts out like some others with leaving a bad life behind for a new one, however this author took you for turns and twists, from witchcraft to old Scottish soldiers, it was great! Kat and Jess are great characters with a great group of support characters that make this a fabulous book. Hoping for a next book!

Review by Brave One

Our blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



After her husband’s death, single mom Kat Cambridge yearns to get back to nature and resume her practice of witchcraft. She leaves bustling Boston and her high pressure interior design job to raise her kids in a sleepy southern town. To support herself, she and her best friend, fellow single mom Jess Greenleaf, purchase a run-down property they intend to fix and flip. But does the long-dead builder of the house have other plans?

Once she discovers an old painting in the attic, Kat begins to have reality-bending visions of a handsome Scottish soldier. While exploring the house’s history, she meets charming Colin MacKay, who unknowingly reveals the identity of the sexy specter.

The soldier summons Kat and Jess to save his drifting soul before it is lost forever. As challenging as that seems, creating the perfect spell is easy compared to choosing between the ghost who knows everything about her, and the real man in her life, who wants to.

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