Review: Niveus (The Wintergrave Chronicles Book 3), by Sharon Cramer Reply

Niveus (The Wintergrave Chronicles Book 3)

4 out of 5 Stars

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I am so ecstatic; I had picked this book to read. I was so captivate in the fast-paced story which shows bravery, loyalty, courage, endurance, and unconditional love. It takes place in the fourteenth century with dynasties, castles, grit, war and peace. Plus a wonderful fantasy and historical genre with a western and eastern Europe feels.

The heroine has the gift to heal, and lives by her own rules, which the world just don’t understand her. She answers to the soul of human and animal pain. I think that was so cool. I found the magic, nobility, and evil a breath of fresh air. Fans will appreciate how courage, love, and hope take them into a whole new world. The roller coast may make the readers shed tears of sorrow and joys by the story unfold.

I didn’t read the first to books, but I will now.

Reviewed by Romantic Renay

Our Blog was given this book in Exchange for an honest review.


Book 3 of the Wintergrave Chronicles:

NIVEUS is…perfectly peculiar.

Wintergrave seems the perfect place to shield Niveus from untold dangers until…Malik, smitten with such profound hatred of Ravan, comes with one intent—to destroy the mercenary’s daughter.
Malik’s scheme takes a twisted turn, however when he first sees Niveus, and his wicked plan drags her on an epic trek like no other. But with her power at Malik’s disposal, it seems no one can stop him.
Is undying love the only thing that will conquer true evil? But what sacrifice is required to finally destroy Malik’s bloody reign?

Venture to 14th century Prussia to discover if Malik will be undone or if Niveus, or someone she loves…is lost forever.

What people are saying about NIVEUS…

“Breathtaking and heartbreaking. A story of redeeming love and hope in every circumstance. A telling of every kind of bond, and sacrifices that come from pure love. The characters are so well -developed, the reader becomes deeply invested in the themes of each.”

“…a fast-paced tale of great sacrifice, undying love and courage. You will bond with the great strong characters, shed tears for their tragedies, and cheer at the triumphs.”

Niveus (The Wintergrave Chronicles Book 3) Author

About the Author:

Sharon Cramer is an aspiring time-traveler, alien princess, and master painter of halloween faces. In the meantime, she writes from a dank, dark cave, somewhere in Washington State. She’s released the first in a sci-Fi fantasy series called THE CERULEAN STAR and has a breakthrough novel series–The Wintergrave Chronicles–beloved by an amazingly loyal following. Look for THE EXECUTION, RISEN, and NIVEUS. (Check out Book Video!)

When not planning historical ruin and perfectly crushed hearts, Sharon can be found wandering somewhere in obscure Eastern Washington, talking to herself. Driven by sleeplessness and a seemingly endless draw to the keyboard (and the occasional extra strong coffee) she is inspired by unorthodox friends and extreme weather. Mother to three sons, a good horse, and eleven fish (who all have names) she is married to a man who surely has won the Nobel Prize for Extreme Tolerance.

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