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12/6: Top Love Kissed FREEBIES!

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He told her he was there to protect her, but she would later learn that he was the most dangerous demon she would ever meet.

As a demon, the only thing Paul wants is his freedom. In order to obtain that, he must track down a suitable bride for Satan. Once he finds her, all he needs to do is bring her back to Hell and he’ll be granted release. Then he finds Mandy, and she ruins everything.

Mandy is The One, which was the worst thing she could ever hope to be. She was destined to marry Satan, she just doesn’t know it yet. The last thing she expects when she goes to work is Paul – a cute, English ginger with black wings protruding from his back. Weird, but cute. He tells her he’s there to protect her, which is the dumbest pickup line she’s ever heard, and she prides herself for not falling for it. However, when the world literally starts crumbling around her, she has no choice but to trust him. The only thing is, she has this gut feeling he’s not telling her something, something that could mean the difference between life and death.

The truth is just as dangerous as the lie, and Paul must decide if his desire for Many is more important than his desire for freedom.


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Analind Charles thought her life was finally getting back on track. After catching her abusive husband with another woman, she finally mustered the courage to walk out. Now that her divorce is finalized, she’s free to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef. When she meets a handsome customer and sparks fly, she’s hopeful that her life is finally beginning.
Rush Clemons just wanted to honor his fallen hero father at his bar, but things aren’t as promising as they once were. Overworked and stressed by the antics of his floozy bar manager, things aren’t looking so good for the Monastery Tavern. When he asks Analind to go out with him, he is hopeful the troubles are behind him.
The couple only thinks they knew trouble before. Jealousy and spite bring tension to the new relationship. When Analind’s ex forces his way back into her life, Rush finds himself scrambling. Can he save her before her past wrecks both of their futures?


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The hunters came in the middle of the night. Killing every vampire in sight. Their screams still haunted her. Summer Rayne was one of the lucky vampires to escape the massacre. She did what every other vampire had been doing for the past decade— she ran. She ran as fast and far away as she could, not knowing that destiny would lead her to her future.

He failed his people. Vampire king Ryan Valerian lived in his own personal hell for years. Vampires were no longer the top of the food chain— they were now the hunted. The hunters wanted to eliminate the vampire race, killing them as they hunted them down. Ryan did as other vampires did— he ran. He remained hidden until destiny presented him a small curvy vampire that blew into his life like a hurricane.

Their meeting was destined. Their love was instant. Their chemistry sizzled. Summer was convinced that the vampires would once again rise, but would her love be enough to convince Ryan to be the king he was destined to be?



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