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4 out of 5 Stars

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This was a very quick read. A nice paranormal story with little mystery. A lovely tale on couple having a second chance at love.

Reviewed by Romantic Renay

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Josephine Herveaux is haunted with guilt over the death of her cousin. The traumatic event from her youth left an empty void she has tried to run from for the past twenty years.

Derek Owens has fought to come to terms with the love triangle from his youth. An OCD Dom, the only place he feels in control is in the safe room he has constructed to deal with his turbulent emotions. The slim thread is shattered when Josephine returns to town.

The past brings Josephine and Derek together once again, but the ghost of Josephine’s cousin refuses to remain quiet. Can Josephine and Derek come to terms with her cousin’s death, or will the ghostly voice in her head drive her to insanity?

A compelling story that will leave you craving more answers….


Josephine stood caught in one of those moments—the ones that sent her heart running a marathon and her sanity flying out the window. Why else would she have been driven to her knees with fright not from nearly being crushed to death by a two ton truck, but by the man jumping out of its cab? Derek Owens. Oh my.

Worse, she found herself staring back at him just as hard as he seemed to stare at her. Her gaze got lost in the dark amber pools. Golden sparks flared near the irises. Sweet Jesus, not even five minutes back in town. Technically, not even in town yet, and she’d managed to make him mad. Furious, even. Her teeth sank down on her lower lip. Guess I pushed his buttons.

“Do you have a death a wish?” he roared.

His voice, deep and rich, resonated in parts of her that had been left dormant for far too long, jostling her system in an unexpected way. Goosebumps formed under her skin. Bubbles of lava danced on her spine. The contrast between the creeping cold and invading heat felt disconcerting.

“C’mon Jo, don’t you remember what I always told you about this damn curve? You can’t just stop in the middle of it like that. Christ, I could have killed you!”

“You’re such a pompous ass idiot sometimes! Of course I know the damn road. You know what, Derek, you’re absolutely right. I planned for this, for my car to break down at the worst possible spot in the blind curve. Oh, I also planned for your truck to come barreling down and come crashing into me. That’s right, I planned it all. As my welcome back to town party—Right!”Jo rolled her eyes skyward and huffed aloud to let out the steam of frustration this man always seemed to evoke inside of her.

Some things never changed.

* * * *

Derek’s fingers twitched. He wanted to march up to her, take her over his knee and teach her the lesson she richly deserved. No female challenged him. He ruled. No one talked back to him. How dare she?

Pure lust gnawed his insides raw. He admired her strength, her spirit. It drove him wild the way she ran her mouth. As much as he wanted to spank her for it, it stirred up old tendrils of… could that be… friendship?

“Damn Jo, I am sorry. Of course you didn’t mean for your car to break down here of all places. It’s just…” his voice trailed off.

“It’s just you acted like a big jerk and put your foot in your mouth like you always do.” She put her fist on her curvy waist and cocked her eyebrow up at him, challenging him.

Every hair on his body stood on edge. His jaw locked. Damn, she knew how to push his buttons. And here he’d done for her something he never did—apologize. He’d actually said those words to her, I am sorry, and she’d called him a jerk. The bitter taste in his mouth reminded him why he never did this.

The need to dominate grew inside. This, however, was definitely not the right time or place. The only way he could gain control would be by towing her car to her summer house and getting her out of the road and out of his way—at least for tonight.

“Just get in the truck, Jo! I’ll get the damn cables and tow you up the rest of the way,” he snapped.



1 cup milk

2 tsp maraschino cherry juice

1 to 2 drops of peppermint extract

5 Hershey Candy Cane Kisses, unwrapped and roughly chopped

1 tbsp instant coffee

Whipped cream, if desired

1 candy cane, if desired

Heat the milk in the saucepan until it’s hot and steaming, but not boiling. Stir in the chopped Candy Cane Kisses. Return to heat for an additional 20 seconds. Stir with a small whisk until the candies are dissolved. The milk will take on a pinkish hue. Whisk in the coffee, maraschino juice and add in the peppermint extract drops. Top of your glass with a bit of whipped cream and decorate the side with the candy cane as a final touch. Enjoy while it’s hot!


A Winter Solstice Faith’s Restored.

By Roxanna Cross

Bryn tugs on the ash log and brings it in the house. December 21st, already… and she’s just now bringing in the Yule log. Her mother would have been ashamed. May the great Mother take care of her Spirit. She thinks as she places the log with the care it deserves in the fire pit next to the piece left behind from last year’s log. With hasty fingers, she decorates the beautiful wood with her mother’s favorite evergreens, douses it with cider and dusts it with flour as tradition calls. It’s ready. It’s time. So why can’t she strike the match and set it ablaze? And when did the tears start she wonders?

“Here, let me.”

“Oh Shit. Finn, where did you come from?” She asks with her hand clutching her chest as if it would stop her galloping heart. “The front door,” he ignores her melodrama and pries the match out of her tight fist. He strikes its head against the rough edge of the brick fireplace. The acrid smell of its ignition, hits their nostrils. Finn bends down and sets the log ablaze. “There,” he says, “all set.”

The tears quietly coursing down Bryn’s cheeks keeps pouring out of her as the flame brighten. This time Finn doesn’t ignore her dramatics and pulls her to him. “It had to be lit, Bryn. That’s why I took charge like that. Otherwise, you would’ve sat here all night… staring at a cold fireplace and a colder Yule log.”

“I know.” She hiccups. “It’s just Mom always…” her throat constricts in pain. She knew the first Yule without her would be difficult. But, upholding the traditions is cruel somehow. Especially, since she’s not feeling the Winter Solstice spirit in her heart. “Do you want to talk about it?” Finn asks gently. “No.” A shiver runs down her spine and not solely at the thought of reminiscing. “Ok then, tell me what I can do to make you feel better, Bryn?” His eyes swim with sincerity. “Make me forget, please Finn.”

His thumb gently scoops away the tears. He presses his forehead to hers. His hot breath mixes in with hers. She knows what Finn is doing and it won’t work. She won’t back down from this. She won’t say no. Or stop. She’s given him his green light. Bryn patiently waits for him to take it; time to create new traditions.

When he sees this is for real his mouth crashes down on hers and devours. She opens for him like a flower welcoming the light once more. His tongue is hungry. No time for sweet caress, it rolls with savage intent. Taking all she has to offer. His teeth nip and bite. His hands make quick work of her clothes, his clothes. They are everywhere on her body at once, or so it seems. His long fingers leave a trail of liquid fire everywhere they touch her skin. Her mind is in complete bliss—just what she ordered.

A small whimper bubbles out of her when he wrenches his lips away from hers. “I’ve got you,” he purrs and moves his searing lips down her body to lick and nip her pussy. In one violent torrent she comes on his tongue. “That’s my girl.” He circles her clit gently and glides his tongue back up her body flicking it across her nipples before reclaiming her mouth in another bruising kiss. She loves tasting herself there. Loves it so much she can feel that ball of white fire building again in the pit of her belly. Finn’s large cock head teasing her slit. Up and down. Slow and steady. Not penetrating her. It drives her insane. “Say you’re my girl.” Finn commands. Is this what he needs to take me? “I am yours, Finn.”

Magic words spoken, next to her brightly burning Yule log, he takes her hard and fast and she continues to ride the bliss he offers. Her faith in Winter Solstice forever restored.



Roxanna Cross


Eyes caught

By the dancing flame

Of the giant sized candle

Burning this Yule night

Its orange flame like a beacon

Its bright blue pillar, a spear of hope

And the evergreens all around, sign of new beginnings

Blessed it be to all under the Yule candle’s light





About The Author:

Roxanna is a mother of three teenage girls, a wife and she juggles a full time career all the while living in two worlds. Being a writer, a dreamer, a drifter gives her an outlet to calm the voices in her head. Her quirky, sarcastic sense of humor and easygoing, non-judgmental temperament shines through on the page, a knack that until a few years ago she wouldn’t let herself claim. When an editor selected her short story “Belted In” for Best Bondage Erotica 2014, then it hit her like a ton of bricks—she’d done it. Earned the title she coveted for so long, author. And it’s one she cherishes.



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