1/2: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply


1/2: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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99 Pennies!

Daisy Harlow discovers her long-term boyfriend isn’t contemplating a proposal but rather how to get his mistress out of the house before she gets home. As if things can’t get any worse, broken-hearted Daisy gets fired from her job at the Post Office.
Stuck living with her best friend and tormented by three children under the age of five, Daisy needs a fresh start and she needs it fast. Enter her least favourite customer Mrs Haversham. Daisy finds herself offered a few weeks away in Mrs H’s country cottage in Norfolk. Time to recharge her batteries and think of her future. Thank goodness Mrs H’s son is married though, she can do without her matchmaking efforts.
So who’s the dark haired hottie currently occupying a bedroom of the cottage? He says he’s Mrs H’s other son. One Daisy knows nothing about.
It all leads to a Bunk-Up, a sharing of the cottage and each other.
It’s not like either of them is looking for anything serious. Is it?

99 Pennies!

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B-Actress and model CASEY SINGER is a brat who uses her body and brains to obtain superstar-status. Aspiring from The Windy City of Chicago to the glitter and lure of Los Angeles, Casey is far from an overnight success. After a walk-off stint as a TV weather girl in Kansas, Casey is struck by love—literally when ROE EVANS, a handsome and mysterious record executive with soulful eyes accidentally hits her with his car on an icy pavement. Casey literally falls for him, but in addition to having a heart-stopping smile, he appears to have a secret life that keeps him just out of reach.

Casey’s broken leg is no match for the broken heart she attempts to cover with make-up and stage lights in order to claim her place in the spotlight. After all, Casey is no stranger to disappointment and is highly skilled at shutting out the world and it’s myriad of set-backs and calamities.

But Casey soon learns that a stubborn spirit and lust for fame are no match for the desires of the heart, carrying her quest for answers clear across the Atlantic. When the ultimate moment of truth arrives, Casey is forced to make a crucial and impossible choice—her career . . . or the toughest role of her life?


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99 Pennies!

Newly engaged, Carrington and Jackson are planning a wedding, but they have to get through Christmas with the family first. Carrington wants to start their own family traditions, but with a husband who’s currently the most famous man in the sports world, a billionaire baby granddaddy and her family and future in-laws fighting for most involved parents of the year, Carrington and Jackson struggle to find a normal for their first family Christmas.

Fame, Family & Fortune are supposed to be good things, right?

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

It takes time to heal. When tragedy occurs in Keisha Evans life, her world turns upside down. The confident school secretary with hopes and dreams of becoming a teacher takes herself away from the outside world. She protects herself from being hurt again. With her best friend Ashley, pushing her to take a big step back out into the scary world she use to thrive in. Keisha finally gives in and takes that step. Having made memories and so many good times in a local pub. She decides to have lunch with Ashley. The first step through the door is the hardest thing for Keisha to do. The biggest step for her changes her changes her life with hopes to get back to the life she had. When she comes face to face with the man who saved her, can he save her again?

99 Pennies!

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That’s what I did.
I took everything that we had, and crushed it all,
Destroying Garrett in the process.

I can’t take it back,
Can’t fix it,
Can’t deny it.

But yet, I try,
I try to drown out the pain with alcohol,
Numb the agony with mindless, loveless sex.
Nothing works, because I may have ruined us,
But I’m the one who’s shattered.

Like a dream or quite possibly a nightmare,
Garrett walked back into my life.

And now, I’m torn,
Torn between what I want,
The man I’ve always loved,
And what I think I deserve.

But am I too broken to have the future I’ve always wanted?



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