New Boxed Set: Ditch Lane Diaries: One Volume Collection, by D.F. Jones 1


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“The Ditch Lane Diaries satiated the starving bookworm in me!”

“I’ll just say that if I were an angel, this book would have me sprinkling love dust all over the place. High five DF Jones. Remarkable Read!”

A Prophetic Dreamer, a Divine Healer, and a Soul Reader.

The Ditch Lane Diaries follows three childhood friends from college to adulthood. An afternoon adventure uncovers a hidden room and mysterious stones in Campbell Ridge cave unlocking their supernatural powers.

The prophetic dreamer, Ruby’s Choice is a coming of age tale of firsts including the angst of falling in love.

While in college, Ruby falls for two incredibly fun and downright sexy men, Reed and Brent, but senses something amiss and quickly learns of a game the two intends to play. Ruby isn’t a pawn and turns the table on them.

What Ruby doesn’t expect is to fall in love.

Ruby’s Choice introduces the main characters of the Ditch Lane Diaries series and ends with a supernatural twist catapulting the reader into Anna’s Way.

Anna’s Way is the second installment of The Ditch Lane Diaries. She is a healer, and one of The Chosen Wards of The Creator.

Her guardian angel, Ralph, teaches her how to use her gift to help others without drawing attention to herself. Ralph gives her support, strength, and encouragement when Anna needs it the most.

Anna learns pretty quick that true love doesn’t come in a nice and neat package. Yes, true love is full of breathless, heady and tender moments, agonizing sexual tension, and blazing desire. But the search for true love also requires sacrifice, heartbreak and often loss.

In Anna’s Way, the Ditch Lane Diaries characters evolve with adult problems. The love for each other helps Anna to overcome life choices threatening to consume her.

Anna’s friendships and true love is the tie that binds them together while she faces supernatural battles against the master of all evil.

Fighting for true love is the ultimate sacrifice.

The clairvoyant, Sandy’s Story is the last book of the Ditch Lane Diaries trilogy. Reader’s love the series finale! The fast-pace, gripping thriller keeps the reader on edge and the pages turning.

Investigative reporter, Sandy Cothran follows a murder lead on Music Row which uncovers Luc’s Testament along with a string of related crimes.

Sandy’s guardian angel, Baldric is sworn to protect her but finds himself falling in love with Sandy which breaks all the rules of heaven and places her in grave danger because Luc is waiting in the wings on his given moment to pounce.

The Wards of Campbell Ridge fight with Heaven’s Warrior Angels in an epic supernatural battle against Luc and his demons to save one of The Chosen.

“Grab some tissues for this heart-pounding, pulse-racing series!”


About The Author:

I write stories on what I love to read.

Best Friends, True Love and Supernatural Powers, the Ditch Lane Diaries has elements of science fiction fantasy with metaphysical and visionary elements as well as contemporary romance elements. My storyline regarding angels, demons, The Creator and Lucifer is original. I chose paranormal romance angels (angels and demons) because that is the closest genre with angels. The Ditch Lane Diaries trilogy is unlike anything I’ve ever read. I love my characters and trust you will too.

Fun Facts: Set in the late’70’s through the 1980’s, each chapter in the Ditch Lane Diaries is a song title reflective of the era. You’ll catch yourself singing the song while reading.

Works in progress: Spinning Time, a time travel romance to release in 2017. Please register for my updates at and be sure to click follow on my Amazon page.

I love my spending time with my family and friends whether it’s an evening concert or a Sunday afternoon watching my favorite team, win or lose, The Tennessee Titans.

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