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1/19: Top Love Kissed FREEBIES!

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Sadie wants a fling, but Diesel wants forever.
When Sadie plans a trip to visit her sister Reagan in Alaska, nothing seems to be going right.
Her car breaks down and her view of freedom is clouded by the Grizzly Bear barreling at her.
She’s lost, confused, and possibly in love?

Bear shifter Diesel has always embraced his bear side more than the human. But when he sees a damsel in distress he can’t help but feel protective of her.
The problem is, she doesn’t know he’s a shifter.

Together they must decide if their time in the wilderness is just a fluke, or if it’s mate to be.


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Born to be Alpha, Cameron Sinclair walks away from his birthright and Pack. He wants nothing to do with either as he builds his multi-billion dollar business.

When summoned he reluctantly goes to the aid of his Uncle’s Pack. What he finds is danger, intrigue, heartache, and the chance of a different life.

His instinct screams at him to walk away but his heart has other ideas. Come and join the Highland Wolf Clan and find out what’s in store for Cameron and his Highlanders.





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Nathan loves Beth, though he’s never believed she loved him. He left to get over her, and on Valentine’s Day he decided to risk everything, including his heart, and tell her.

Beth lost her heart to Nathan Sommers years ago. After a night at a friend’s wedding, he took off. She tried to move on, with a guy who she could’t love, but that didn’t work out. Now that it’s Valentine’s Day, she’s determined to go out and find her true love. Speed dating is better than no dating.

Why would Nathan show up now? Can she believe in love and happy ever after? And what will his mother do next to her if she lets him in?


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The last thing Isabelle Daniels expects to find in her living room is a pirate from the Eighteenth Century. Her intention was to surprise her boyfriend of 3 years by arriving home early after a week of visiting family, and seducing him for a night of intimate reacquaintance. Unfortunately for her, she is the one surprised; not only is there a handsome pirate in her living room, her boyfriend arrives at their apartment with a female guest from the more-than-a-little-friendly persuasion. To top it all off, throughout the exchange, Izzy is in nothing but pink underwear.

Now, Izzy has to figure out not only why the pirate was sent to her specifically (and why he won’t seem to leave her alone), but what direction to take her life after her college graduation as a single, young adult with the world at her feet. Everything happens for a reason, and Izzy will learn that sometimes, moving forward with her life may require a trip to the past, and even disasters can be beautiful.


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Given a second chance at first love, will two wounded souls risk their hearts once more?

A good archaeologist always finds what he’s digging for…

Mina Winslow buys her ancestral home with plans to restore the house to the beautiful sanctuary it once was, but she soon discovers more than she bargained for when she’s reunited with a man from her past. The one man she never stopped longing for.

Renowned archaeologist, Noah Nolan, swore he’d never return to the small town where he spent his adolescence. But his brief stay on the remote island in Lake Michigan becomes complicated when he agrees to complete a short-term excavation project, only to realize the site belongs to the woman who inexplicably rejected him years before. A woman he’s never forgotten – or forgiven.

Now Noah’s affinity for uncovering all things lost, forgotten, and buried stirs Mina’s repressed memories of a terrifying secret, a secret that tore them apart years ago. This time, she must find the courage to unearth the past, or risk losing the treasure of her heart forever.



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