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1/31: Top Love Kissed FREEBIES!

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She was everything he didn’t want in a woman and everything he couldn’t resist. She thought he was arrogant on top of other things.

Norman Evans is taking a break from being the Sexiest Man Alive, multimillion dollar paychecks, and a fiancee more interested in fashion than fun. Enter Abby McGregor, a much younger community college student saving up to go to a private university across the country who cleans houses in his small town to raise money for tuition. She doesn’t care at all who he is, and he cares too much about her. It boggles his mind how someone as inexperienced as Abby is can teach him about the world, and about himself. There are plenty of reasons why these two shouldn’t be together, but the one thing that keeps them coming back is this unrelenting attraction that won’t let them go.


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The bracelet around my wrist is a permanent reminder of my mission. The silver charm attached to the leather cord is stamped with my birth sign. Mission: Unite with my twin flame soulmate.

My siblings and I are named after the star sign we were born under. Each one of us has to find our soulmate before our enemy gets to them first.

Antony is my bodyguard. A man who is supposed to protect me, not make me want to run. How did knowing him make me face myself? Being kidnapped by my enemy makes me doubt if he’s my twin flame. I had always known my mission but was I ready for love?


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All of best-selling author Liz Gavin’s erotica short-stories in one steamy collection for half the price:
Between the Ghost and the Dom
Her favorite Ghost
Take me to the Domme
In the Lounge
At the club



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