Review: Loved By A Killer: A Sexy Paranormal Thriller (Loved By A Killer Series Book One), by C.F. Rabbiosi Reply

4 out of 5 Stars

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This book was interesting, the characters are written well and you are able to follow the story.  While this book is long it keeps you wanting to keep reading as it has many different looks. Vampires, serial killer these is all kinds of things going on. I really did like the cover. Sometimes I don’t like to look at them till I’m done with the book but this one was spot on!

Reviewed by Brave One

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.


Raina loved performing upon the London stage, but one night she found herself dancing for only HIM. She froze, and looked to the balcony where the gaslights flickered dimly over his shadowy form. If only she had known that this beautiful monster would soon rip her away from everything in the world SHE EVER LOVED, perhaps she wouldn’t have lingered so long.

Marcus loved being a blood thirsty predator, but one night his gallivanting brought him to his knees in front of HER. If only he’d known what would happen when she danced, that she would remind him of someone who was everything in the world HE EVER LOVED, Perhaps he would’ve turned away.

As he drags her deeper and deeper into his depraved world of torture and violence, she begins fighting with her own darkness that threatens to consume her everyday. And oh, how it begs to be released. And though she knows it’s wrong, she desires her captor anyway.

Until she begins falling for someone else…

Meanwhile, prostitutes are being butchered in the streets and she begins to wonder: Is her dark lover, the one she is bound to, The Ripper?

With an accurate account of the creepy gaslit times of London and real Jack the Ripper crime scenes, Loved By A Killer is an exciting read from start to finish.


Energy crackles in the air around us. He moves my hair to the side and his fingers brush my neck. He whispers in my ear, “I think we are meant to fall in love.”

Little shock waves course through me and closing my eyes, I touch my cheek to his lips, willing him to linger there.  

Ooh. He makes me feel all… HOT.  What is it about this fascinating stranger that has me so taken?

He lowers his lips to my neck and my blood rushes around in every direction on fire. Sharp pressure bears down against my skin and I push into it, excited and afraid.

I’m losing myself…

He’s pulling the life out of me…

Please don’t stop.

About the Author:

Charity lives in the University town of Columbia, MO with her husband and three girls. She holds degrees in Science and Registered Nursing, but found her true passion in writing.

Her stories are inspired by Interview with the Vampire, The Last Vampire, Buffy and True Blood and finds herself on most days living and writing in her own fantasy world- when she’s not chasing after her kids.

Member of Writers Digest, Writers Café, and Word Press.




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