4/10: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains Reply

4/10: Top Love Kissed Book Bargains

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Pearl’s master plan to catch a rich husband—results so far…A for effort, F for success.

Justin Collet wants way more than friendship from Pearl. He craves love, laughter and hot, down-and-dirty passion. A life partner. All he needs to do is convince Pearl.

A broken relationship, a few drinks and a string of pearls. Comforting Pearl takes a turn into carnal territory. Heat blossoms between them, fiery and consuming. Sweet kisses inflame and erotic whispers tempt. It’s all or nothing for Justin as he seduces Pearl into agreeing they’re lovers at last

99 Pennies!

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I’ve been running from it most of my life – doing everything I can to avoid the future it had dictated for me. If I had learned one thing from the hell I went through as a child, it was that I never wanted to go back.
Until I ran into someone who was running from her destiny just as hard as I was.

And it just so happens that she’s one of my best friends.

One night, emboldened by alcohol, she does something that has me questioning everything and it doesn’t take me long to realize that maybe instead of running away from something, I’ve been racing to her all along. But there is fear in her eyes and I know that her fate won’t be so easily shaken.

Will I ever be able to work past her fear to show her everything we could be? Or am I destined for the same kind of desolate life I’ve been fleeing from since I was a kid?


51MALAF6VhL. UY250


When Evie opened her door to Gage, she didn’t realize she’d be unleashing all sorts of trouble that would set off a chain reaction to throw her emotions completely out of control.

Gage goes to her for assistance after his grandmother receives a box containing letters from her first love who she thought died in Italy, in WW2.

The problem is … the letters are at least seventy years old, and there’s every chance her first love could now be dead.

Despite this, his grandmother is determined to go to Italy and find out.

Gage and Evie accompany her on this wild goose chase but get more than they bargained for when they find themselves wildly attracted to each other.
The idea of that by itself is totally farfetched as they’ve always been enemies, not to mention complete opposites.

See what happens when opposites attract in…
Hearts Entwined…


51m-ujBOIWL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Have you ever wished you could create the world’s perfect man? A man to fulfill your every fantasy? A man who could walk off the pages of your favorite novel? Yeah. Well, so have I.

After ten plus years of looking, I’ve had enough. My dating history is a joke, and I need to start from scratch. I’ve decided to design the man who will rock my world—on paper, anyway. I don’t know if he exists, but if he’s out there, I am determined to find him. If he doesn’t fit my list, he’s out. That’s the only catch. I’m not going to settle for anything less than perfect.

Grab a glass of wine, some chocolate, and maybe even some chips, ladies, because we’re taking a trip down memory lane … Cass style.

***Standalone Romantic Comedy with a happily ever after.

99 Pennies!

514Kc3PnNIL. UY250

99 Pennies!

An urban fantasy/paranormal romance.

Life for Clover Kwon couldn’t be much worse. A year has passed since she witnessed the brutal death of her boyfriend, Frankie, and even with the help of a therapist she is unable to come to terms with what she saw that night. It doesn’t help matters that her mother is a raging alcoholic, her father is a philanderer and everyone in her hometown thinks she’s crazy. And she’s apt to believe them.
Jared Van Clayborne seems to have it all. He is a gorgeous, newly-turned vampire, an heir to a fortune and his mentor, Sutton, is the daughter of Dracula. On the inside, he’s a mess. Atrocities he’s committed in the past year torture his thoughts, he is miserably failing high school and has no hope for the future. Jared is forced into counseling, but because he must keep his vampirism a secret, it hasn’t helped.
Jared makes a desperate decision one night, but fate brings him face to face with Clover, a girl he had a crush on when they were in elementary school. A passionate magnetism draws them to one another. They both have secrets, but find solace in each other’s arms.
When Clover uncovers the dark truth about Chapel Green’s inhabitants she is torn between vengeance and love for her greatest enemy. Now, not only is her sanity at stake, but also her life.

Summer’s Deadly Kiss is book one in the The Vampire Inheritance Saga.

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

My father owes a debt. And there’s only one way to pay. Me.

It’s all I’ve wanted.
Since that mob boss did his dirty work.
Since he scarred me.
But I’ve got him where I want him now.
He owes me everything, his house, his money, his virgin daughter.
Six months he’ll give her to me.
To do whatever I want with.
And I do exactly that.
I own Scarlett now.

Carter Braxton is dark and cruel.
I’m practically a prisoner in his mansion.
I won’t fall for him, I can’t.
But then he touches me and I want more.
I ache for him. For his skin on mine.
His lips touching places no one has seen.
He owns me.
And I like it.

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519vdGtewVL. UY250

99 Pennies!

Love thy neighbor? Oh, I intend to.

As a retired SEAL, I’m used to crushing obstacles.

So when the world’s biggest tease moves in next door, I’m up for the challenge.

Her smile, her lips, her ass fitting snugly into those tight jeans. It makes me hard the minute she crosses my driveway.

She wants me to fix her leaky faucet? I’ll make her panties dripping wet.

But I can tell she’s running from something, something I want to save her from.

So now I want her even more.

To protect her, to own her, to make her mine.

But I have a son to think of. No time for women. No time for games.

So there’s no way I’m letting her into my house or my heart.

But the fact that our bedroom windows align only makes it all the f*ck harder.

Because when she’s watching me, I’m imagining it’s her hand on my c*ck.

But that’s as far as I’ll let it go.

Because doing what I have in mind to her… it’s downright unneighborly.

99 Pennies!


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