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99 Pennies!

The lines between illusion and reality blur as a dark romance brews between two unlikely soulmates…

Stas isn’t your average human. She can bend others to her will, a psychic talent she’s kept hidden since the brutal murder of her parents.

Issac isn’t human at all. He’s an immortal masquerading as one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors while secretly seeking revenge against a former ally.

A fateful meeting ends in a seductive proposition. As their lives intertwine, secrets are exposed and passion ignites. It’s a bond built to last a lifetime, if they’re willing to risk everything to protect it.

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

When differences tear fated mates apart

I submit to nobody—not even him.

I’ve never needed anyone, but now I more than need her—I want her.

When differences threaten to tear fated mates apart

Reclusive designer Mikhail Anton blames wolf-shifters for his memory loss, refusing to accept the signs that he is immortal. On meeting Leana Iyeroy, a female cage-fighter and shifter, Mikhail is drawn to her in ways he can’t identify. And when vampires threaten Leana, he must acknowledge his abilities to rescue her from certain death. They must team up to save their city—before their differences destroy everything they love.

99 Pennies!


99 Pennies!

After a lifetime of bets with my best friends, we made the one bet that would change our lives.

Get married. Make it last. Win a car.

I didn’t even care about winning. What does a billionaire bachelor need with a car? I live a charmed life. Why would I need bragging rights? I’m cool and confident. Bragging is not my style. As far as I was concerned, I wasn’t even one of the players. This was all about helping a friend heal.

See, I forgot all about the damn bet the moment I laid eyes on Kate.

Then all I wanted was to kiss Kate, have Kate, marry Kate.

Of course, I never considered what I could lose if I won the bet.

99 Pennies!

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99 Pennies!

Sometimes, the truth begins with a lie…

Desperate to break the suffocating grip of eternal winter, the fae prince Varian summons the most powerful witches and fae to shatter the icy shroud around La Condamine, but no one wants to die for the prince’s cause. When he conscripts by force, they flock to Nithya, begging her to wrap her flawless illusions around their magic bracelets.

Nithya undermines Varian’s tyranny until she realizes there is more to him than the façade of a merciless dictator. Even so, she’s not the biggest traitor in the realm. The conspiracy that murdered Varian’s father now turns its malice and hatred against him. Nithya finds herself entangled in treachery, betrayal, and illusions far more entrapping than anything she can conjure.

99 Pennies!

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Jo Waters finally has her life back on track. Since her boyfriend cheated on her romantic entanglements aren’t on her priority list. That doesn’t mean she can’t look. Right? Especially when it comes to her sexy new colleague Dan.

But when Dan becomes the scapegoat for something he isn’t responsible for, she ends up in a whole lot of trouble trying to defend him. When confronted by her boss about her uncharacteristic behaviour, Jo panics, and lies. Unfortunately, it’s a lie that sets off an unstoppable chain of events including the need to find a man she can pass off as her boyfriend. And it is the most unlikely of men who her best friend offers as a solution – her brother, Marco. Which would be fine except Marco is annoying and far too full of himself, and has been the bane of her life since high school.


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