Boxed Romance Bargains for 5/ 10 Reply

5/10: Top Boxed Romance Bargains

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This trilogy contains Make it Last, I Choose You, and Trust in Me, along with a bonus ending for each couple.


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MEET THE TURNERS in the hilarious Ball Games Series.
The First Four novellas now available in one sexy fabulous bundle.

BALLS: Camille Turner meets ex-tormenter Dylan Ball again, only now he’s grown up and HOT.

SNOW BALLS: Tyler Turner gets his eviction notice. It’s son versus mum Dora, but while he’s at war will he ever notice he has an admirer?

NEW BALLS PLEASE: Feeling ignored Dora goes on holiday to learn tennis. While she’s there partner Tim turns Alpha. At the same time, a guilty Dora reads one of her self-help books about becoming a devoted Housewife. What’s going to happen when they reuinite?

BALLS FORE: A blast from past returns to upset Beth and her carefully ordered life.

JINGLE BALLS (Book Five) out 2nd December!


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Six erotic short-stories by best-selling author Liz Gavin in one steamy collection:
Between the Ghost and the Dom
Her favorite Ghost
Take me to the Domme
In the Lounge
At the club


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99 Pennies!

5 books and NO cliffies!

Boiling Point
Every time the Army Corps of Engineers goes into a town to do a project, they send someone like me in to assess the possible reaction of the locals. From the first minute I tried to talk to these people it was like hitting my head against a wall! Then there’s resort owner Chase Kingston of course. The guy looks like an underwear model wandering around in the wilderness. He hunts snakes and works part time as a fishing guide and he’s completely the wrong kind of man for someone like me. But if he can help me get the people in this town to cooperate, I’m willing to spend a little extra time with him. It’s not like that would be a hardship.

99 Pennies!


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