Spotlight/Excerpt: Divine Justice Series, by Mary Abshire 1

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The demon population is growing out of control and vampires are mankind’s best hope for survival.

Divine Syndicate’s top field agent, Anna, hits the streets with her partner to locate the master demon responsible for the increase in possessed humans. But finding the person won’t be easy. The city is in a state of disarray with crime, poverty, and drug use at an all-time high. While Anna and her partner search for the master, they encounter more trouble than expected. As defenders of the human race, vampires want to save lives and exorcise the demons to send them back to Hell for good. Anna fears the worst is yet to come when demons aim to destroy the best protectors for all species. She’ll stop at nothing to prevent evil from ruling on Earth.


Glenn parallel parked two blocks from the club. “What’s your plan?”

“I’m going to go in and find a spot at the bar. I want you to wait a minimum of five minutes before you walk in. Pretend you don’t know me. I’ll get a couple of drinks, show the picture, ask if anyone knew Jamal, and see what happens. And don’t worry, if they ask my relationship to Tim, I’ll say he was my brother and I took the photo while he was sleeping.”

“So you’re not going to create a scene or start a fight?”

“I will do my best to keep the situation calm. But if someone is going to try to intimidate or touch me, I’m going to defend myself.”

He grinned. “Do you want me as backup?”

“Yes. Right now I don’t know who is innocent and who isn’t. I need another set of eyes scanning people. But if I leave, don’t follow right away. Someone might be watching and I don’t want us to be seen together.”

“Are you carrying?”

“Have you ever known me not to?”

“No.” He smirked. “I’ll wait here for a while.”

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While the Divine Syndicate is working to prevent an outbreak of demons, vampires are disappearing and turning up as corpses.

The Union of Justice is known for tracking and serving justice on vampires. With the increase in departed vamps spiraling out of control, the UoJ’s top field agent, Zale, and his partner must switch from their normal job to investigate the remains of destroyed vampires. Identifying those responsible is proving to be a big challenge. Zale needs the assistance of the vamp community, only they have their own idea of ending the bloodshed. They want to kill demons. But murdering humans, possessed or not, is against the law. Complicating matters, neither vampires nor the UoJ trust each other. Mankind’s future is dependent upon vampires and vice versa, but both are at stake as the demon population grows. Zale will do anything to save lives and end the madness, even if it means working with the one species he’s chased his entire career.


“There are always casualties in war,” Gordon said. “No one wants to kill an innocent, including vampires. I’m sure they have plenty of guilt for their actions weighing on their consciences.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m certain they don’t want to take life from anyone. You should ask one sometime if you don’t believe me.”

“I respect your opinion. You’ve seen and lived through more than I have. But it’s difficult to find anything good about them when I’m constantly hunting down those who have killed humans.”

“Trust my words, the majority of vampires are moral and they are here to defend us from evil. If demons wipe them off the face of the Earth, we will be doomed. Demons will come for us and the rest of the non-human population. Humanity will have lost.”

A world filled with evil, hate, and murder was not one Zale cared to live in. He’d seen enough death and chaos from the last outbreak and never wanted to see another.

“We can’t let that happen.” Zale gave a single shake of his head. “I won’t let that happen.”

About The Author:

Mary is a romantic at heart and a lifetime lover of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. When she’s not working or binge watching television, she enjoys creating fantastical stories with vampires, demons, werewolves, angels, and/or other supernatural creatures. She often adds mystery and suspense to spice up her books. For the most part, she lives a quiet life in Indianapolis. She aspires to become a full time writer one day. She also hopes to meet a vampire, werewolf, or angel who will sweep her off her feet. Hey, a girl can dream. And Mary does.
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Review: SOPHIA’S JOURNAL (Infinite Vampire 0.5), by M. Lorrox Reply

4 out of 5 Stars



As a vampire fan, I was happy to read this digital, short novella which the Author offers for free to his fans. It’s part of the Infinite Vampire series.
It’s written as a journal of 18 year-old vampire Sophia Lorraine, and I mean literally handwritten — you won’t find any typed text inside. What you will find, along with the handwritten journal entries, are Sophia’s drawings to help tell her story. Her journal entries are detailed and humorous as we read that the West Coast of the U.S. is being overrun with zombies. Her entries become a story of survival. Will she survive? You’ll have to read to find out.
It was a very quick read. I enjoyed Sophia’s story and will be adding the remaining books of the series to my To Be Read list.

Reviewed by Vampire Fan

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.


This documents one survivor’s journey and marks the beginning of the Infinite Vampire adventure. It features over two dozen custom, pen and ink drawings and 96 pages of handwritten story.

SOPHIA’S JOURNAL will never be sold as a digital download. It is an exclusive gift to M. Lorrox fans!

About The Author:

I’m an emerging American author. My story is like any good novel; it’s full of mystery, suspense, drama, and comedy. Hopefully my story turns into a fine wine—instead of a stinky cheese. In any case, while I’m writing that book (as slowly as possible), here are some highlights so far:

• I was raised in a barn in rural, upstate New York. It was cold. We had a wood-burning furnace that never worked well. I gained an early appreciation for sweaters.

• In junior high, I tried…and failed, to publish a book about dragon science. I still have the manuscript, and I’ll publish it someday.

• In college, I made up some BS, then earned a MFA in story-telling. I learned Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and taught it for a while.

• After college, I discovered I had problems with authority… And conformity… And bigotry… And misogyny… And etc., etc., etc. I tried to make small changes while still fitting in, then I gave up on fitting in altogether, and I started flipping tables like no tomorrow.

• I bought a motorcycle and crashed it. Then I fixed it and kept riding. Hey, want to harden your nerves? Spend a couple years riding 25 miles a day, rain or shine, on Route 66 and the 495 Beltway of DC in rush hour. You’ll either be dead or a badass.

• After gaining badass status, I wanted to postpone putting that last update on a gravestone, so I decided to move out of the busy DC area. Instead of renewing the lease on my apartment, I signed up for an awesome gym membership, moved my stuff into storage, and squatted in a DC warehouse for a few months. I worked out and showered daily at the gym, which required me to carry various bags around. Homeless people on my routes thought I was also homeless, and they would offer me advice. I always thanked them.

• After six months of shenanigans, I decided to push my luck in DC, and I signed a lease for an affordable apartment on the top floor of a building. The roof collapsed on me on Valentine’s Day. I took a selfie with the rubble on my head; I was pissed.

• I now live in Durham, North Carolina in a nice, warm house with a good roof. My local gym isn’t fancy, but it does the job. I enjoy riding my motorcycle to local coffee shops, very safely. Most importantly, I continue flipping tables like no tomorrow.




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Spotlight: Eye of Saturn: The Daughters of Saturn, by Idalita Wright Raso Reply

Eye Of Saturn Cover

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Blood is the seat of the soul…

Vampire horror/romance set in medieval Spain. Felipe de Hayos, the son of a wealthy statesman is forced by his parents to marry a mysterious Moorish woman named, Lilith Al-Salameh. But Lilith is hiding a dark secret. She is actually Saturn’s Immortal High Priestess and has plans to transform Felipe into an immortal, like herself.

However, Lilith’s plans are dashed when a family friend and her daughter, Zaybeth Castile come to live at the de Hayos estate. It is love at first sight for Felipe and Zaybeth. Learning of her husband’s betrayal, Lilith plots the lover’s destruction. She calls upon the Daughters of Saturn to aid her in performing a forbidden ritual, opening the Eye of Saturn—cursing Felipe into a vampire and Zaybeth into the only one who can kill him.


Eye of Saturn Banner 851 x 315


Felipe trudged down the hall to his bedroom. He stood at the doorway for a moment, listening. He could hear Alejandro’s voice low and muffled, followed by Zaybeth giggling. Felipe put his hand on the doorknob ready to burst in when the door opened and out stepped Zaybeth.

“Oh, Felipe there you are. I looked for you all day. Where were you?” Zaybeth asked, with her mouth full.

“What in the devil are you eating?”

She raked her tongue over her teeth and licked the corners of her mouth.

“Chocolate,” she replied. “Alejandro gave me a brick of it and Gertrudis brought us fresh strawberries, which made the chocolate absolutely delightful. Growing up, Mother forbade me from eating it, now I understand why, it’s positively sinful. Here, you simply must have a piece, it’s divine,” she said, breaking off a piece of chocolate handing it to Felipe.

He shook his head.

Zaybeth popped a broken piece of chocolate into her mouth and then licked her fingers.

“I heard you laughing all the way down the hall. I’m surprised you didn’t wake the entire house. Perhaps your mother was right, you shouldn’t eat chocolate. It makes you act like a drunkard.”

Zaybeth’s forehead crinkled with a frown.

“Tell me, what was so amusing, anyway?”

“Alejandro was telling me one of his tall tales. Your brother is quite the storyteller.”

Felipe stood awkwardly silent with his arms folded.

“Buenas noches,” Zaybeth said, breaking the silence.

Felipe remained silent. He put his hand on the doorknob and turned to say something, but Zaybeth had already walked away from him. He watched as she walked to her room. He wanted to kiss her and hold her in his arms, but he felt an overwhelming sense of anger, mixed equally well with a good dose of guilt. After all, he was about to get married and break her heart.

“Dammit!” Felipe said, striking his fist hard against the door. He clenched his jaw tight and rushed into his room. Felipe’s eyes narrowed. “I know what you’re up to Alejandro. Stay the hell away from Zaybeth, I’m warning you,” Felipe bristled.

Alejandro, who was stretched out on his bed with his arms propped up behind his head on his pillow, gave Felipe a sly grin.

“Don’t blame me. You’re the one that ran off today, disappearing like you used to do when we were children. You left Zaybeth all alone, someone had to entertain her. Oh, and you should probably tell her about your wedding. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to hear the news.”

“Alejandro, why have you turned against me?” Felipe asked.

Alejandro got out of bed and walked over to Felipe with sincerity in his eyes.

“I have not turned against you. We are brothers and I do not wish to quarrel with you. In truth, I have always had feelings for Zaybeth, but my feelings have always been overshadowed by you.”

“Do you think feeding her chocolate and telling her a bunch of silly stories is enough to make Zaybeth fall in love with you?”

“You have no right to claim Zaybeth as your own. You’re getting married.”

Felipe turned his back to Alejandro. He knew his brother was right, but he and Zaybeth loved each other. No, it was more than that, Zaybeth was his true love.

“I see no reason why I should hide my feelings for her any longer. If Zaybeth will have me I wish to marry her,” Alejandro said.

Felipe turned around and lifted his eyes somberly to his brother. “Papa will never allow it.”

Alejandro gave Felipe a wide smile. “You just let me worry about that, big brother.”

Idalita Wright Raso Author

About the Author:

Idalita Wright Raso grew up in Ohio. She is an established news reporter/photojournalist and has worked for the Lake County Gazette in Jefferson, Ohio. Currently Idalita is contracted with Solstice Publishing. Eye of Saturn: The Daughters of Saturn Book One is her debut novel.

Idalita has a deep interest in astronomy, mythology, science fiction, the occult, and horror. Her love for writing came after reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Her love for vampires came the moment she read Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

The Eye of Saturn is a four part series. Currently Idalita is working on book two, which she hopes to release spring 2018.

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Club Beam: Shadow World (Beyond Fairytales), by Erzabet Bishop Reply

5 out of 5

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While this may be a shorter book it was very good! The author did a great job with Syd’s character I really liked her! In the end I’m glad she got her happy ever after, it would not be my cup of tea it was her’s.
Reviewed by Brave One
Our Blog was given this book in exchange for and honest review.

In the Shadow World, nothing is as it seems.

Detective Sydney Marr is having a very bad day. Her boss is on the warpath, she’s being treated for a werewolf bite, and her current case has hit a dead end. When her friend Erika talks Syd into going with her to Club Beam, she jumps at the chance, even if it means spending an evening without her spell arsenal. A high-class vampire bar and fetish club, Club Beam is fantasy made real.

Club owner and Dom Gideon Raines spies the red-haired beauty and is transfixed. A fight against a skillful murderer brings war for fae and vampire alike. Sometimes when you play with monsters, the monsters play back.
Erzabet Bishop
About the Author:
Erzabet Bishop is an award winning author who loves to write naughty stories. She is the author of Lipstick, Dinner Date, Crave, The Science of Lust, Arcane Imaginarium: Spirit Board, Holidays in Hell, Mallory’s Mark (upcoming 2016),The Devil’s Due (upcoming 2016), Charity Benshaw’s Enchanted Paddle Emporium (upcoming 2016), Sigil Fire, Glitter Lust (upcoming 2016), Written on Skin, Club Beam, Pomegranate, A Red Dress for Christmas, The Black Magic Café, Fantasies in Red, Sweet Seductions: The Erzabet Bishop Collection, Holiday Cruise, Fetish Fair, Temptation Resorts: Jess, Temptation Resorts: Marnie, Taming the Beast, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation along with being a contributor to many anthologies. Erzabet has been a finalist in the GCLS awards for 2014 and 2015. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.


The Science of Lust (Club Dumonde Book 1), by Erzabet Bishop Reply

5 out of 5

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This is the first book of Erzabet Bishop that I have had the pleasure of reading. Even though it is a short book Ms Bishop has packed a lot into it. I really enjoyed reading it. At the beginning I was not sure where the story was going to go, but shortly into it I was drawn into the story. I never expected it to take the turn that it did. Finding a job and a love interest in the same location could be to good to be true. The only way to find out is to read this enjoyable easy read.

Reviewed by Epiphany

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.


One more carrot and someone is going to die…

When Grace Benedict takes a new job at an all-night lab, she knows it’s going to be a different kind of gig. What kind of lab is in the same building as a bondage club anyway? Sporting her new pencil skirt and heels, she’s raring to go—otherwise it’s move back into her parents’ basement and that is so not going to happen. What she didn’t count on was the vampires.


Erzabet Bishop

About the Author:

Erzabet Bishop is an award winning author who loves to write naughty stories. She is the author of Lipstick, Dinner Date, Crave, The Science of Lust, Arcane Imaginarium: Spirit Board, Holidays in Hell, Mallory’s Mark (upcoming 2016),The Devil’s Due (upcoming 2016), Charity Benshaw’s Enchanted Paddle Emporium (upcoming 2016), Sigil Fire, Glitter Lust (upcoming 2016), Written on Skin, Club Beam, Pomegranate, A Red Dress for Christmas, The Black Magic Café, Fantasies in Red, Sweet Seductions: The Erzabet Bishop Collection, Holiday Cruise, Fetish Fair, Temptation Resorts: Jess, Temptation Resorts: Marnie, Taming the Beast, The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation along with being a contributor to many anthologies. Erzabet has been a finalist in the GCLS awards for 2014 and 2015. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies. When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.
Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.
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Between Him and a Hard Place by Kelex Reply

4 out of 5

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While this is not a long book it is a really good book. I liked the twist that the people that were helping were vampires.  I liked the authors use of the stress to bring them together.

Reviewed by Brave One

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.


They survived catastrophe, but can they live on together?

Archer survived the zombie virus that brought down the world by doing things he didn’t know he was capable of. When his traveling companion is murdered by dead ones, he knows his time has come.  Seconds before he’s slaughtered, a combat vehicle crashes through the scene and a masked man saves the day—a man he feels inexplicably drawn to.

Only the man isn’t a man, but a vampire.

Syn is a tracker, sent out by his kind to find and protect the last of the humans and the precious blood in their veins. Archer isn’t like the others he’s found. He feels tied to the human in a way he can’t explain.  The two come together explosively, both fighting the intense emotion they feel before running to escape their burning lust.

Can they find a way back to one another?


Between Him and a Hard Place Banner 851 x 315


Archer heard an engine rev out of nowhere, and a huge vehicle ran through the crowd of dead ones, mowing them down with ease. The passenger door was flung open before him. A masked man stared at him, hiding who his potential savior was. Or if he could trust whomever was behind it.

“Get in!” a tinny voice cried out.

Without much more consideration, as the inside of that truck was better than the death surrounding him, he jumped in. The man stepped on the gas before Archer could barely even attempt to slam the door closed, not that he could’ve had he wanted to.

“Get the door shut and fast!”

“I’m trying,” Archer screamed, stabbing his hunting knife into the head of a dead one clinging to the door. As soon as he kicked that one off, he jammed his knife into another, slamming the door on another set of decaying fingers and slicing them off. They fell in his lap, still wiggling.

A dozen dead ones hung on to the hood of the truck, which was being spun from side to side, trying to fling the creatures off. Archer reached for a non-existent seatbelt and then held on for dear life.

“Hold on to the wheel,” the guy screamed, rolling down his window.

The driver lifted a pistol as Archer grabbed the huge wheel and leaned out. One by one, he got the dead ones between the eyes, and they fell under the moving vehicle. Bouncing as they rumbled over the bodies, Archer tried to keep the thing on the road. He wasn’t even sure what it was. It was something between a truck and a tank, with an Army vibe. The tech surrounding the wheel was anything but Army-issued, though. Whatever it was, he’d never seen anything like it, and was more than happy to have seen it when he did.

Finally, the driver dropped back into his seat, the dead ones gone from the hood. Just as he began to roll up his window, a hand reached in. Lightning quick, the guy sliced the hand off with a scary-looking blade, then proceeded to roll his window up.

Archer leaned back into his seat and stared at the road ahead, stunned as hell he’d made it out alive. His heart continued to thump hard in his chest as he stared at the masked driver.

“Syn,” the guy said with that robotic-sounding voice. He held out his gloved hand.

Archer really took in the guy’s appearance for the first time. He wore some weird gas mask-like thing with goggles. Here it was, the middle of the summer, and he was covered from head to toe in black leather, from his neck to his gloved fingers and shitkickers.

“Syn’s short for Synclair,” the guy said again, still offering his hand. “As in my name. You’ve got one, right?”

“Archer,” he answered, finally taking the extended hand. “I can’t thank you enough,” he added as he shook it.

“No problem. I’ve been following you for weeks,” the masked man said, returning his hand to the wheel and looking ahead. “I’ve been just a day or so behind you for the last week. Good thing I caught up when I did.”

Archer frowned, his hackles rising. “Why were you following me?”

“I find humans to take to the Southern Citadel.”

The Southern Citadel? “Wait, what?”

“You haven’t heard of the Citadels?” he asked, glancing over at Archer.

Archer shook his head.

“There are three human cities. They’re walled and protected and already teeming with people. It’s my job to help find the last of the humans to take there so some sort of civilization can start again.”

Human cities? Walled and protected? It sounded too good to be true. And he’d learned anything that sounded too good to be true likely was. Even with his doubt, only one question truly came to mind. “You guys got food and water there?”

The masked man chuckled. “All you could ever want.”

“Then what are we waiting on?” Archer knew he might be walking into a trap, but the promise of hot food and a hot shower was too good to ignore. He was running on empty. He needed to regroup.

He glanced at the man driving, again wondering about the weird get-up, but weird was now the norm in their fucked up world.


Between Him and a Hard Place Button 300 x 225

About the Author:

Kelex is a bestselling gay erotica author, writing contemporary to fantasy to sci-fi and everything between.

Living in the south, Kelex swelters at the laptop, writing spicy tales to the sound of soulful jazz music in the background.

For more information on Kelex’s books, please visit



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A Demon to Love, by Jordan Ashton Reply


3 out of 5

Available for Purchase on

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I found this novella to have a great pace. This story is a different spin on the vampire/human hybrid world. I enjoyed the action and adventure with romance on the run. I am looking forward to the next book.

Reviewed by Romantic Renay

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



Eros Dexter, a demon who has been living among humans for the past year, is summoned back to Nethermore by the Queen, his mother. Word has it that Eros has been a good boy on the Earth’s surface, befriending humans and also mating with one, and she’s not happy. Eros denies everything until a battered Warren Ambers enters the Queen’s chamber. Eros had ended things with Warren seven months ago to protect him from Eros’s family, but he never stopped loving Warren.

Now he must save Warren before his mother can get her claws into him.

First Warren Ambers was held prisoner by vampires, then he’s whisked to Nethermore, only to find out he’s the Queen of Nethermore’s intended concubine.

Things get worse when he sees the only man he has ever loved, Eros Dexter, standing by her side. Apparently, Eros isn’t human and he’s the Prince of Nethermore.

Eros tells Warren that he still loves him and will find a way to save him from his mother. But can Warren trust him? The last time he did Eros broke his heart. What will happen this time? Will it only be heartache Warren suffers, or something much worse?


A Demon to Love Banner 851 x 315


Warren Ambers’s entire body ached, from the arches of his feet to the top of his head. Even the ends of his hair throbbed with rawness if that were even possible. He tried to focus his eyes on the darkness enveloping him. He could hear the being’s heavy breaths. He could smell the stench of sour milk and vinegar.

He knew one of the vampires who had held him hostage for the past six months was nearby, waiting, observing. He sensed him but for the life of him he couldn’t see him in the cloak of blackness.

The carriage he sat bound in kept rattling and shaking manically when its wheels rolled over obstructions on the cobblestone road, like large rocks or bumps. His body slammed against the side of the carriage or the back of the wooden rest whenever it happened, which amplified the pain coursing through him.

Where the hell were they taking him and why were they transporting him in a carriage and not a car?

As if on cue, a deep, resonating voice said, “We’re almost there.”

Warren jumped when he saw the red embers of Rex’s eyes as he peered at him in the pitch darkness from only a few feet away. Warren hadn’t expected him to be the vampire his senses had picked up and he certainly hadn’t guessed he was so freakin’ close, either.

A haunting chill rolled over him and he gasped. Of all the vampires in the Draco clan, Rex and Oscar frightened him the most.

Ever since they invaded the home Warren shared with his parents and brother Vincent six months ago, these two vampires had inflicted pain and misery on him and his family. They had bitten and fed on Warren’s parents before kidnapping him and Vincent. He quaked in his shoes any time they were in his vicinity.

They were the most conniving and taunting of the clan, the evil brains behind the group and their operation. Rex and Oscar enjoyed seeing the look of dread in their eyes and especially of anger and loathing. They obviously relished provoking them for their pure entertainment.

At least Vincent had been able to escape yesterday.

He had found the rusty screw wedged in the brick wall in the basement of the farmhouse the Draco clan had made their lair and had used it to fray the rope tying his wrists together until he broke free.

Vincent had then untied Warren and they had made a run for it. Unfortunately, Warren had sprained his ankle in the attempted breakout. Two vampires caught him and brought him back to the farmhouse. Vincent, though, had made it to the road and escaped. At least Warren hoped and prayed he did.

If he had, then he’d come back when he could to help Warren escape. If the tables were turned and it was Warren instead of Vincent who had escaped, that’s what he would be trying to do as soon as he could.

The Ambers brothers were ten months apart, Vincent being the older sibling at twenty-nine and a half, while Warren was twenty-eight.

Ever since they were toddlers they had been inseparable. Their mother always commented, with a hug, kiss, and a smile, that even though ten months separated them in age, they were as close as identical twins and she couldn’t be happier. She knew they’d always be there for one another when it mattered most.

Tears welled in Warren’s eyes and he brushed them away. That happy memory of his mom and the one six months ago, as she took her last breath after Rex finished feeding on her, clashed in his mind and wrenched his heart. He missed her so much.

“Ah, are those tears I see for your brother?” Rex asked in mock sympathy.

Warren didn’t reply. He simply turned his gaze away from the evil red glowing eyes that studied him.

“Vincent won’t find you, you know.”

Panic made Warren’s hair stand on end. How did Rex know what Warren was thinking, that he hoped and prayed Vincent would find him? Trying desperately not to offer Rex any more pleasure in seeing him shocked or frightened, Warren attempted to steel his emotions.

“We’re already far away from the farmhouse and soon, once we cross the barrier, he’ll never be able to find you.”

Warren was fighting the urge to ask him where he was taking him and what type of barrier was he talking about. He knew Rex was pushing him, egging him on. But Warren wasn’t going to let him get under his skin.

Rex took a big sniff. “Mmm, I can smell the fear pumping in your blood.” Warren heard Rex’s stomach growl. “I want to feed on you now, but I can’t.”

Rex, Oscar, and several other vampires in the clan had been feeding off of Warren and Vincent ever since they had been holding them captive.

The vampires had offered Warren and his brother vitamins and blood as nourishment, not food, in all the months they had kept them prisoners. They claimed food would taint Warren and Vincent’s blood and would make them sick when they fed on them later on.

“Eleanora won’t be pleased if I deliver you in a weakened state,” Rex added.

Unable to keep his silence any longer, Warren asked, “Who is Eleonora and why are you taking me to her?”

“Eleonora is the vampire demon witch queen. We were supposed to deliver to her two hybrids in exchange for weapons and immunity, but now that one of the two has flown the coop, she won’t be happy.”

“Vincent and I aren’t hybrids. We are human.”

A long, gaunt face formed around the red glowing eyes as Rex came closer and the faint rays of light seeped into the carriage. He sneered, his pointy fangs perching over his full lower purple lip. “You were human. Now you’re not.”

A low rumble deep in Rex’s chest turned into a chuckle as it rose to his throat. “Oscar and I lied to you and your brother. That rats’ blood we claimed we were feeding you all of this time was really a cocktail of vampire and demon blood, along with the blood of many other creatures of Nethermore.”

Nethermore was the land inside the Earth’s core where the Heavens had banished all creatures of abomination—vampires, demons, titans, and any other evil mystical entity folklore and legends were made of.

They had been condemned to live in Nethermore for all eternity up until the man-made virus and plague Omega X-12 came along many years ago. Almost two thirds of the human population had been erased from existence when the plague reached all the corners of the world, affecting everyone.

Only a little over a third of the population survived and built an immune system against the virus. After the population had dropped drastically, the barrier dividing Nethermore and the earth’s surface was opened, allowing some, not all of the creatures from below to rise to the surface to procreate and repopulate the earth.

In a shaky voice, Warren uttered, “You’re lying.” Though deep in his heart he feared Rex was saying the truth. Because what would he gain with this lie now?

Rex inclined his head laughing hysterically. His chest heaved with his movement, and then he shook his head. “No, Warren. You see, Eleonora wanted special hybrids she can use as concubines to mate with and produce offspring. She paid us a hefty sum and offered us weaponry and immunity if we conditioned two fertile human males for her. We of course chose you and your brother. The moment we learned of you two, we knew you’d be the best specimens, considering how virile and good-looking you both are.”

“No, no!” was all Warren could say. His body and lips were slowly becoming numb.

“Yes, yes!” Rex countered as his eyes fixed on Warren’s and his nostrils flared as he breathed deeply.

Then Rex rumbled. “We’re almost in Nethermore. But I can’t take it anymore. The smell of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your blood is intoxicating. And I haven’t fed all day.

“Eleonora will be pissed, but then again we are just delivering one concubine instead of two already. What will my feeding on you beforehand do? Her wrath will come either way, anyway.”

Licking and smacking his lips together, Rex drew closer. Warren was unable to move thanks to Rex’s hypnotic stare.

Just before Rex’s canine vampire fangs pierced into Warren’s neck, he said, “One last bite for old time’s sake.”


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About the Author:

Jordan Ashton is a writer and wife whose passion for reading romance novels led her to writing them, too. She believes love can conquer all and that it makes the world go round, not money. Her heroes, heroines, and the worlds she creates bring this belief to life. She is and will always be a true romantic at heart.








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A Vampire’s Claim, by Jordan Ashton 3


3 out of 5

Available for Purchase on  Bookstrand



This book is a good quick read, so it’s great for a weekend read. Vincent and Mason’s characters seemed a little rushed but was a good book

Review by Brave One

Our Blog was given the book in exchange for an honest review.



Vincent Ambers hasn’t seen the outside world in months thanks to the Draco vampire clan that have kept him and his brother captive. When he finally escapes, he runs into a handsome stranger named Mason Pride who offers him his help to save his brother. But after all the evil Vincent’s seen in this new dystopian world, he’s afraid to trust him and let him into his heart.

Mason Pride is a wolf shifter who slays vampires in his spare time along with his brothers. When he comes across a cute, frightened man named Vincent Ambers who looks like a vampire, drinks blood like a vampire, but who doesn’t quite act or smell like one, he’s not only intrigued, he’s also smitten. Although his brothers want to kill Vincent, all Mason wants to do is hold him in his arms and protect him.

When Mason and Vincent head to the Draco lair to save Vincent’s brother, they get caught in a complex web of love and danger, because although Vincent claims he isn’t a vampire, he isn’t quite human either. Can Mason make Vincent trust him and open his heart to the everlasting love that exists between them, while protecting him from the vampire clan that wants him back alive or undead?


A Vampire's Claim Banner 851 x 315



Vincent Amber’s weighing heart lightened when he saw the rusted screw. It stuck out of the mortar screaming for his attention. Could this be the glimpse of hope he had been waiting for?

He stared up at the vampire who had brought him his drink, his vile undead stench permeating the room and making Vincent’s stomach sour. His enemy didn’t speak. No words were needed for his task. And as soon as he had deposited their nourishment, he exited not having noticed the excited glimmer in Vincent’s eyes

He waited until he was sure the vampire’s acute sense of hearing couldn’t pick up his voice, then whispered to his brother Warren, “I think I know a way we can escape.”

Warren’s hallow, tired black eyes widened. “How?”

Vincent stretched, reaching for the brick wall and grasped the head of the rusted screw. He prayed the mortar it was screwed in was as old and battered as the screw itself and it would loosen with vigorous twisting.

When it wiggled with his touch, he gasped. “Yeah, just hold on. I almost got it.”

“What do you almost have?”

When it had completely come free, Vincent held it in his hands, observing the oxidized tip. It was sharp enough to do the job. “This.” He held up his possession.

Warren’s eyes and face brightened. Vincent hadn’t seen his brother smile in months, ever since the Draco vampire clan raided their home, killed their parents, and kidnapped Warren and Vincent. They had been the vampires’ source of nourishment and entertainment ever since then, prisoners in a three-story farmhouse not that far off from the highway and the town.

Vincent had seen the farmhouse numerous times before the plague came and wiped out two thirds of the population. It had been owned by a kind, elderly couple who died when the plague swept through the town, killing them and most of the population.

The Draco clan had taken it over about six months ago, using it as their lair and hide out.

Using the sharp edge, Vincent began to rub it against the rope constraining his hands in a back and forth motion across it. Thanks to its dry, brittle’s texture, it frayed easily.

He laughed. “Ha, I bet they didn’t even search the basement before they moved us here yesterday.”

“Yeah, they were too excited to make room for their new prizes and too cocky to think we would try to escape.” Warren leaned closer to peer at Vincent’s handiwork. “Is it working?”

Vincent pulled his bound wrists apart. The rope snapped. “Yep.” He quickly got to work loosening his feet.

It took him less than ten minutes to free himself and his brother. They stood and wiggled, loosening their tight muscles in an inept motion. It felt off to Vincent after having been constrained for so long. He walked to the boarded window on legs like jelly.

“We have to do this quick before they catch on,” Warren warned.

“I know.” He searched the toolbox on the shelf next to the window. Luck was finally on their side this evening. He found a hammer in it. He couldn’t believe it. He wondered if he were dreaming, a dream from which he’d wake up any second. After all these months of being held captive, they finally had a chance at freedom.

Using the claw side of it, he pulled out the nails and loosened the wood board. He opened the window in stealth silence and they quietly crawled out. Once outside they took deep breaths. The cool, crisp evening air caressed the lining of their lungs and his skin. Goosebumps spread with Vincent’s experience. They began to run as fast as their unaccustomed, wonky feet and leg muscles allowed.

“We just have to make it to the road.” Vincent panted. He guessed from the moving light beams ahead they were about two hundred yards away from the highway.

And when he thought they had finally made it, he heard the sound of flapping wings. A haunting wave rolled over him. He knew what that ominous sound meant.

He turned his stiff neck to look up over his shoulder and saw them. He shuddered. Vampire bats were approaching at lightning speed.

“Hurry, Warren!” he shouted as he picked up speed.

A few seconds later he heard his brother scream.


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About the Author:

Jordan Ashton is a writer and wife whose passion for reading romance novels led her to writing them, too. She believes love can conquer all and that it makes the world go round, not money. Her heroes, heroines, and the worlds she creates bring this belief to life. She is and will always be a true romantic at heart.








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