A Vampire’s Claim, by Jordan Ashton 3


3 out of 5

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This book is a good quick read, so it’s great for a weekend read. Vincent and Mason’s characters seemed a little rushed but was a good book

Review by Brave One

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Vincent Ambers hasn’t seen the outside world in months thanks to the Draco vampire clan that have kept him and his brother captive. When he finally escapes, he runs into a handsome stranger named Mason Pride who offers him his help to save his brother. But after all the evil Vincent’s seen in this new dystopian world, he’s afraid to trust him and let him into his heart.

Mason Pride is a wolf shifter who slays vampires in his spare time along with his brothers. When he comes across a cute, frightened man named Vincent Ambers who looks like a vampire, drinks blood like a vampire, but who doesn’t quite act or smell like one, he’s not only intrigued, he’s also smitten. Although his brothers want to kill Vincent, all Mason wants to do is hold him in his arms and protect him.

When Mason and Vincent head to the Draco lair to save Vincent’s brother, they get caught in a complex web of love and danger, because although Vincent claims he isn’t a vampire, he isn’t quite human either. Can Mason make Vincent trust him and open his heart to the everlasting love that exists between them, while protecting him from the vampire clan that wants him back alive or undead?


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Vincent Amber’s weighing heart lightened when he saw the rusted screw. It stuck out of the mortar screaming for his attention. Could this be the glimpse of hope he had been waiting for?

He stared up at the vampire who had brought him his drink, his vile undead stench permeating the room and making Vincent’s stomach sour. His enemy didn’t speak. No words were needed for his task. And as soon as he had deposited their nourishment, he exited not having noticed the excited glimmer in Vincent’s eyes

He waited until he was sure the vampire’s acute sense of hearing couldn’t pick up his voice, then whispered to his brother Warren, “I think I know a way we can escape.”

Warren’s hallow, tired black eyes widened. “How?”

Vincent stretched, reaching for the brick wall and grasped the head of the rusted screw. He prayed the mortar it was screwed in was as old and battered as the screw itself and it would loosen with vigorous twisting.

When it wiggled with his touch, he gasped. “Yeah, just hold on. I almost got it.”

“What do you almost have?”

When it had completely come free, Vincent held it in his hands, observing the oxidized tip. It was sharp enough to do the job. “This.” He held up his possession.

Warren’s eyes and face brightened. Vincent hadn’t seen his brother smile in months, ever since the Draco vampire clan raided their home, killed their parents, and kidnapped Warren and Vincent. They had been the vampires’ source of nourishment and entertainment ever since then, prisoners in a three-story farmhouse not that far off from the highway and the town.

Vincent had seen the farmhouse numerous times before the plague came and wiped out two thirds of the population. It had been owned by a kind, elderly couple who died when the plague swept through the town, killing them and most of the population.

The Draco clan had taken it over about six months ago, using it as their lair and hide out.

Using the sharp edge, Vincent began to rub it against the rope constraining his hands in a back and forth motion across it. Thanks to its dry, brittle’s texture, it frayed easily.

He laughed. “Ha, I bet they didn’t even search the basement before they moved us here yesterday.”

“Yeah, they were too excited to make room for their new prizes and too cocky to think we would try to escape.” Warren leaned closer to peer at Vincent’s handiwork. “Is it working?”

Vincent pulled his bound wrists apart. The rope snapped. “Yep.” He quickly got to work loosening his feet.

It took him less than ten minutes to free himself and his brother. They stood and wiggled, loosening their tight muscles in an inept motion. It felt off to Vincent after having been constrained for so long. He walked to the boarded window on legs like jelly.

“We have to do this quick before they catch on,” Warren warned.

“I know.” He searched the toolbox on the shelf next to the window. Luck was finally on their side this evening. He found a hammer in it. He couldn’t believe it. He wondered if he were dreaming, a dream from which he’d wake up any second. After all these months of being held captive, they finally had a chance at freedom.

Using the claw side of it, he pulled out the nails and loosened the wood board. He opened the window in stealth silence and they quietly crawled out. Once outside they took deep breaths. The cool, crisp evening air caressed the lining of their lungs and his skin. Goosebumps spread with Vincent’s experience. They began to run as fast as their unaccustomed, wonky feet and leg muscles allowed.

“We just have to make it to the road.” Vincent panted. He guessed from the moving light beams ahead they were about two hundred yards away from the highway.

And when he thought they had finally made it, he heard the sound of flapping wings. A haunting wave rolled over him. He knew what that ominous sound meant.

He turned his stiff neck to look up over his shoulder and saw them. He shuddered. Vampire bats were approaching at lightning speed.

“Hurry, Warren!” he shouted as he picked up speed.

A few seconds later he heard his brother scream.


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About the Author:

Jordan Ashton is a writer and wife whose passion for reading romance novels led her to writing them, too. She believes love can conquer all and that it makes the world go round, not money. Her heroes, heroines, and the worlds she creates bring this belief to life. She is and will always be a true romantic at heart.

Website: https://authorjordanashton.wordpress.com/

Blog: http://authorjordanashton.blogspot.ca/

Bookstrand: www.bookstrand.com/jordan-ashton

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Author_J_Ashton

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006608238654



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Cover Reveal: Svatura Series by Abigail Owen Reply

Series reveal




Meet the ladies of the Svatura series: Ellie, Selene, Lila, and Adelaide.

One will come out of hiding to protect others from the fate she suffered. One will lead her people after being released from a hellish nightmare. One will try to start a new life only to discover that her path lies where it always has. And one will experience a loss so terrible that only oblivion can stop the pain.

Individually they are strong. But together these sisters of the heart are a force before whom even their most powerful enemies will tremble. However, that may not be enough. Is the key to their salvation power…or love?

Book One Blue Violet:

When fairy tales turn into nightmares…

Ellie Aubrey has spent most of her unnaturally long life hiding her extraordinary abilities from the world. On the run from the shapeshifting wolves who murdered her family, she risks discovery in order to secretly watch over another group of similarly gifted people, determined they won’t suffer the same fate.

Alex Jenner has come home to protect his family from an unknown danger lurking in the woods. Suspicious of the new girl in town, he challenges Ellie in ways that will spark one of two possible outcomes: they’ll spontaneously combust, or she’ll lose control of the one power she’s fought so hard to contain.

In this fairy tale, the dragon the prince must slay is also the princess who holds his heart.

Book Two Hyacinth

Selene sacrificed everything when she took her brother’s place as ruler of the Vyusher—including her secret love for one-time adversary Griffin Aubrey. When nightmares that are just a little too real start, Selene fears she’s turned into a cold-blooded killer…the monster Griffin thinks she is.

Griffin and Ellie Aubrey are finally safe for the first time in over a hundred years, and Griffin doesn’t want to easily forgive the woman he blames for killing his family. But when an unknown menace drives Selene to leave her people and seek their help, Griffin must decide.

Can he move past his hatred of everything she is? Or will the bond that could bring them both the greatest joy now be the source of their deepest despair?

Book Three Crimson Dahlia

Lila Jenner left her family to start a new life away from Ramsey Pierce. After decades of rejection, she needs the chance to discover who she is without him. Helping to rebuild relationships between tribes of Svatura is just the opportunity she needs.

Determined that the fire raging inside him will never harm Lila, Ramsey denies the magical bond that could be theirs alone. But when an old enemy resurfaces and Lila disappears, he realizes he’ll do anything to win her back and make her his.

However, Maddox, driven by a centuries-old quest for revenge, is stronger than any of them ever imagined. Friends and enemies must band together against this shared threat. Even then, they may discover too late that one dragon is not always enough…

Book Four Black Orchid

Only oblivion can stop her pain.

Adelaide Jenner feels nothing… she is completely numb inside. Her fated love abandoned her and joined their enemy. On that day her sister turned off all Adelaide’s emotions in order to save her from a heartbreak that could push her over the edge of sanity. But the great power she claims, wielded without compassion or love, can only lead to pain.

Nate Pierce believes Adelaide used her extraordinary powers to deceive him all these years. So he destroyed a relationship he thought to be false and hungers for revenge. Now, Nate serves Maddox, unaware that his new leader is using him as a pawn in a bid to enslave or kill all Svatura.

The only hope of finally defeating Maddox is for Adelaide and her sisters to combine their growing powers against him. But the key to a Svatura’s power is the heart, and Adelaide is still missing hers.


Abigail Owen


About the Author:

Award-winning paranormal and contemporary romance author, Abigail Owen was born in Greeley, Colorado, and raised in Austin, Texas. She now resides in Northern California with her husband and two adorable children who are the center of her universe.

Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. A fourth generation graduate of Texas A&M University, she attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

Website/Blog: http://abigailowen.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Abigail.Owen.Books

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AOwenBooks

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/abbyowen/



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Lucky, by Ryanne Hawk 1



4 out of 5

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The storyline and the characters are well developed. “Lucky”is the first book I have read of Ryanne Hawk’s, so I was not sure what to expect until I read the first ten pages, and I knew then I had found a new autor to read and love. I love shifter books and MC books and when you put the two together, you get the best of bothe worlds. The female lead character is hiding from her past, the male lead character is hiding from himself. Will they be able to get past their issues and move on with their lives? You need to read find out, you won’t be sorry.

Reviewed by Epiphany

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



She’s on the run

Cecelia Marks is a whistle-blower and her life is no longer her own. Witness Protection offers little safety when the man who hunts her is a wealthy oil tycoon hell bent on taking her down and making her pay.

He’s haunted by demons

Sigma werewolf Lucky Miller failed to protect an innocent and the grief still haunts him. When a new woman stumbles into his life smelling too much like his fated mate, his wolf won’t let him walk away. Things become even more dangerous once she becomes the center of a motorcycle club war.

Cecelia may live… if she gets Lucky.


Lucky Banner 851 x 315


About the Author:

Ryanne Hawk writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal stories. She blends humor, horror, and interesting worlds, in order to bring you entertaining reads sure to make you think, squirm in your seat, and laugh out loud. Ryanne Hawk is the alter ego of author ER Pierce.

Want to stay up to date on her work?

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Heartbound, by P. I. Alltraine 1



4 out of 5

Available for Purchase on        Amazon UK    Amazon US



I found this book very interesting and not really like one I have read before. I absolutely loved Petyr’s character and I thought the author did a fabulous job of making him seem like you really didn’t understand humans. The way the author made the characters try and understand the human things they were learning had me cracking up at points. The only thing that I thought that took me away from the book was that it was almost the entire book before I found out what the ” forbidden ” was. I kept thinking I might have missed it earlier in the book.

Reviewed by Brave One

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



Petyr has never found it necessary to consider the humans as anything more than distant, inferior beings–until now. They are the cause of the fatal disease that has plagued his realm, taking the lives of too many of his kind.

As a future leader of a realm in peril, Petyr must find a way to resist and cure the affliction. He must enter the unfamiliar realm, appear to be an ordinary eighteen-year-old human, observe and learn.

However, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Instead of embarking single-mindedly on his sober mission, Petyr meets an 18-year-old girl who does things to his emotions that he can’t quite fathom or control. Petyr is falling in love, and he almost forgets the gravity his choices have on his entire world. Despite the risk it poses to his life and hers, he wants to know her, and he wants her to know him–and his world.


Heartbound Banner 851 x 315


Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/g5mii9Q1TZM


Heartbound Button 300 x 225


About the Author:

P.I. Alltraine is an award winning poet and author. She has won several international poetry competitions, and her poems have been published in separate anthologies.

She teaches English Language and Literature in London. She earned her degree in BA English from Queen Mary University of London, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Master’s in Teaching at the UCL Institute of Education, University of London.

Before moving to London, she lived in the Philippines where she was ensconced in the rich culture encrusted with dark myths and enchanted tales. She draws inspiration from these in her writing. Although she has lived indifferent places and experienced different cultures, she always enjoyed the constancy of writing in her life. Her favourite authors include John Milton, Virginia Woolf and James Joyce.














My Familiar Stranger, by Victoria Danann Reply



Available for Purchase at:

Amazon: http://goo.gl/aQB0jg
Barnes and Noble: http://goo.gl/qG9ztx
iTunes: https://goo.gl/ly4HmT
Kobo: http://goo.gl/xpmQwq
Smashwords: https://goo.gl/OPZL1n



5 out of 5

I have to admit the very first section of this book had me wondering what kind of a book I had gotten myself into with the whole dimension jumping thing. Not my usual kind of read. Once I realized there was so much more I couldn’t stop. Victoria really has a way of submersing you into the story that you will not stop with this first book. Do make sure and read them in order and you will be happy you continued this whole series and be left wishing there was more.

Reviewed by Fawnzys


5 out of 5

Victoria Danann has created a magical story beginning with “My Familiar Stranger.” There is a secret society, present day knights, berserker, vampires, possible alien and a true love story. With all of this Ms. Danann takes us on an intriguing journey that you will not want to end. But have no fear the story continues with “The Witch’s Dream.”

“My Familiar Stranger” is a must read for all paranormal romance readers. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by Epiphany




She fell into an alternate dimension, but her fall was cushioned by the Knights of Black Swan.
In a matter of minutes Elora Laiken lost everything familiar. She escaped death by being forced into an experiment that left her in another world where modern day knights, elves, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and fae became her allies, friends and family. She discovered a place where romance, fantasy and adventure intersect fairy tales and she learned that love can find you in the strangest places, when you’re least expecting it, even when you’re far, far from home.

If you love romance, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, adventure and complex storylines, this book is right for you.






“The five men stared at the the thing. Even in their line of work, being accustomed to highly unusual phenomena, this was astonishing. There they were. The scientist, the administrator, and three battle hardened knights of The Order of the Black Swan, members of the elite B Team, frozen in indecision, a development that is foreign to men whose lives depend on quick thinking.

Being in charge and presumably wisest, Sovereign Sol was first to spead. “What the fuck?”

“What is that?” Ram asked with an Irish lilt. To punctuate his revulsion, his face was screwed up the way it might be if something smelled very, very bad. He shook his gorgeous head of hair and leaned forward just a little for a closer look with laser sharp blue eyes. Rammel Hawking was the smallest member of B Team, or Bad Company as their peers like to call them, at just about six foot one. He had a thick head of multi-hued, blood hair that was at once a mess and a miracle. It waved, curled, stuck out in random places, and hung to just short of his shoulders.

Kay cocked his head than glanced toward Storm. “Shaped like a human.”


“Gave him wood!” He shook his head and reached for moisture at his eyes. “This just gets better and better.” All three members of B Team tensed when they realized Baka was in the alley. “She killed him with a toothpick that she grabbed out of some fellow’s mouth as she ran by. Did you know that?”

Ram, Kay, and Storm forgot being wary of Baka and simultaneously turned to look at Elora like she was an alien which, technically, she was. But they were looking at her like they’d never seen her before. Finally, she raised her hands.







About the Author:

USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann, is making her debut into Contemporary Romance with releases in May and June 2015, after taking the world of PNR by storm.

Her Knights of Black Swan series won BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES TWO YEARS IN A ROW (2013, 2014).

Reviewers Choice Awards, The Paranormal Romance Guild.

Victoria’s paranormal romances come with uniquely fresh perspectives on “imaginary” creatures, characters, and themes. She adds a dash of scifi, a flourish of fantasy, enough humor to make you laugh out loud, and enough steam to make you squirm in your chair. Her heroines are independent femmes with flaws and minds of their own whether they are aliens, witches, demonologists, psychics, past life therapists, or financial analysts from Dallas. Her heroes are hot and hunky, but they also have brains, character, and good manners – usually – whether they be elves, demons, berserkers, werewolves, or vampires.

The first book of the Knights of Black Swan Paranormal Romance Series, My Familiar Stranger, was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance of 2012 by both Reviewers’ Choice and Readers’ Choice Awards. All of her books have opened on the Amazon Best Sellers list and earned Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK awards. Many have appeared on Listopia BOOK OF THE MONTH as #1 across all genres.

For books published in 2013, Black Swan won three awards.

1. Best Paranormal Romance Series

2. Best Paranormal Romance Novel – A SUMMONER’S TALE

3. Best Vampire~Shifter Novel – MOONLIGHT.

In 2014, Solomon’s Sieve won Best Vampire Novel.

If you’re interested in me personally, I am also a classically trained musician who defected to Classic Rock and that’s my first love. Yeah. Even more than writing. I was with Roadhouse, the very best in Classic Rock. I was the utility player which means I played rhythm guitar, keyboards, sang back ups and a few leads.

FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE:www.facebook.com/authorvictoriadanann

BLACK SWAN FAN PAGE:www.facebook.com/vdanann

 GOODREADS FAN GROUP:https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/108735-victoria-danann-order-of-the-black-swan

TWITTER: @vdanann

PINTEREST: www.pinterest.com/vdanann


Spotlight: Fated Soul, by N.R. Wick Reply




Available for Purchase on   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012449K4Q


Book Description:

Adelaide has the power to save Trent from death, but messing with fate has dangerous consequences.

As an Exanimus, Adelaide’s job is to take care of the sands of fate and collect souls immediately after death. She loves her work but misses being a living, breathing teenaged girl. Yet the Exanimus Code restricts her from having individuality and empathizing with the souls she collects. When a mysterious, glowing hourglass appears in her possession, Adelaide can’t help but investigate the anomaly: a surfer named Trent.

Observing Trent in the days leading up to his death makes it impossible to watch him die. So Adelaide does the unthinkable and flips his hourglass, extending his life. In doing so, she brings a terrible imbalance to the world and becomes a key player in a covert revolution. When forced into hiding, she meets Trent and begins to fall for him, which makes it hard to choose between keeping him alive or repairing the damage she has caused. Will she choose what’s best for the greater good or lose love forever?


bookblitz banner


About the Author:

In 2010, N.R. Wick decided to trade her demanding graphic design job in California for a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Always a lover of the written word, N.R. Wick pursued her childhood love of writing and self-published her first short story in 2011. From there, she moved to the Kansas City area to begin her second love: teaching. She became an adjunct faculty member at several schools for higher learning, and taught online and in a blended classroom setting while continuing to grow her publishing business. N.R. Wick is also a member of the Short Fiction Writer’s Guild and the International Screenwriters’ Association.

Most known for her young adult dystopian novel, Land of No Angels, N.R. Wick is not afraid to write about the dark and disturbing side of life while using supernatural and paranormal elements as vessels for these topics. Even though she primarily writes for teens and young adults, N.R. Wick also dabbles in helpful non-fiction.





Social Media Links


Website: http://www.nrwick.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nrwick

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nrwick

Newsletter sign-up: http://eepurl.com/CGPOH

Good Reads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/nrwick

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/N.R.-Wick/e/B004Y9O3OM/


Baby’s Got Bite, Candace Havens Reply



5 out of 5

Available for Purchase on      Amazon      BN


The storyline and the characters are well developed. This book is full of drama and excitement, shifters

and magic, vampires and mates, and possible danger. What more could you ask for? What if you add a

love story? This book has it all. I was so engrossed while reading it, I did not realice I had come to the

end until I turned the last page. I would love to read more about the fantastic characters in this book.

Reviewed by Epiphany

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



Bennett Langdon has a firm no-relationships policy. Still, it doesn’t stop her from hooking up with a super-sexy bad boy at her best friend’s wedding. After all, it’s only one night—what harm could it do? Ten weeks later, a pregnant Bennett has her answer…

Linc Monahan can’t believe it. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He’s a werewolf, and shouldn’t be able to father a child with a human. Now Linc has to find some way to tell Bennett that not only do werewolves exist, but she’s about to have a baby with one.

But when word of their surprise conception gets out, the fur hits the fan. There are people who don’t want this baby to be born—even if it means killing. Now Bennett and Linc aren’t just fighting each other…they’re fighting for their lives.



Baby's Got Bite Banner 851 x 315



About the Author:

Bestselling author Candace Havens has written multiple novels for Berkley, Entangled and Harlequin. Her books have received nominations for the RITA’s, Holt Medallion and Write Touch Reader Awards. She is the author of the biography Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy and a contributor to several anthologies.

She is also one of the nation’s leading entertainment journalists and has interviewed countless celebrities including Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, Tom Cruise, George Clooney and many more. Her entertainment columns can be read in more than 600 newspapers across the country. Candace also runs a free online writing workshop for more than 2200 writers, and teaches comprehensive writing class. She does film reviews with the Hawkeye & Dorsey on 96.3, and is a former President of the Television Critics Association.


Website: www.candacehavens.com

Blog: candacehavensbooks.wordpress.com

Twitter: @candacehavens

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Candace-Havens

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/goodreadscomcandacehavens

Newsletter: http://www.candacehavens.com/index.php/blog/



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Traitor, Jody Wallace Reply



5 out of 5


Wow what a book! So many twist and turns with great characters that made you want the book to keep going. Loved the way the author did the Ship’s “character”.   Didn’t like the “dad” from the beginning I was not sad with how that part ended.  Really hope for a book 3!!

Review by Brave One

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



Captain Nikolas EstherVorn is a traitor. Or so it was decreed after Niko disobeyed protocol while trying to save Earth from other-dimensional creatures. Stuck in a prison cell, the last thing he needs is to be in close proximity to sexy-as-sin Dr. Sarah CallenJoseph. Not with him damn near ready to break out just to get to her.

Niko’s desire isn’t quite his own…and Sarah can prove it. He—along with the other soldiers on the disastrous mission—were drugged with some kind of toxin. Niko has no clue how the drug got into his body or why, but Sarah suspects there’s a link between the toxin and the fertility crisis of Shipborn humans.

To investigate is forbidden. But as lust becomes something deeper, binding them together in a way neither expected, Niko and Sarah must battle time—and their superiors—to uncover the secret that could save humanity…or destroy it.



Traitor Banner 851 x 315


About the Author:

Jody Wallace grew up in the South in a very rural area. She went to school a long time and ended up with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Her resume includes college English instructor, technical documents editor, market analyst, web designer, and general all around pain in the butt. She currently lives in Tennessee with her family: one husband, two kids, two cats. One of her many alter egos is “The Grammar Wench,” which should give you an indication of her character. She is a terrible packrat and likes to amass vintage clothing, books, Asian-inspired kitchenware, gnomes, yarn, and other items that threaten to force her family out of the house. She also likes cats. A lot.

Jody publishes the Maelstrom Chronicles with Entangled Publishing, an Earth-based science fiction romance series. You can find other science fiction, paranormal, and contemporary romances by Jody at http://www.jodywallace.com, including her horrible science fiction romance spoofs, The Adventures of Mari Shu, which make fun of the Maelstrom Chronicles, among other science fiction concepts and stories.


Website: http://www.jodywallace.com

Blog: http://blog.jodywallace.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jodywallace

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JodyWallaceAuthor

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/jodywallace

Newsletter: https://madmimi.com/signups/104974/join



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A pair of handmade crocheted UFO earrings US Only

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The Reaper’s Daughter, by KM Randall 1




5 out of 5

Available for Purchase on     Amazon     BN



I’m very happy to have came across this story. What a fun and cute read even with the sad undertones of death being involved.  There is some YA romance Blake has to work her way through.  Her best friend Shelby is sometimes almost too perfect of a character, but still enjoyable.  The plot idea is an interesting one that is not overdone already.  The Reaper’s Daughter is written in a way that makes you want to read all the way through before putting it down.

Reviewed by Fawnzys

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.




I’ve always felt like an average girl … except for my strange relationship with death. You could say I like to court it. Whether I’m soaring through the air as a flyer for Specter University’s cheer squad, or speeding down the steepest mountain with only grace and balance keeping me from an icy end, I’ve always needed to feel a rush. But now Death is courting me―in more ways than one. First, there’s Rishi, a rogue death deity who has a penchant for annoying me nearly to my grave and whose intense gaze has the power to see right through me. Then there’s Hades, who I’d rather had stayed just a myth. Now that he knows I exist, he’s not going to leave me alone until I meet the same end as my mother.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention her? I spent my whole life thinking she had died when I was a baby, but now I’ve found out she’s much more than dead. Fifty years ago, Hades banished my mother from the underworld and took away her ability to cross over souls―souls that have wandered lost through the world ever since. Now she wants me to clean up the mess.

You may have heard of her before…

They call her the Grim Reaper.

Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/SATOtS9Ehuk

The Reaper's Daughter Banner 851 x 315



THE ROLLING GREEN of her eyes was dimming fast, losing color and life to the quick click of time that beat out her days and nights, a perpetual circle that was now fading to a close. Light brown hair that had been recently styled into looping curls was limp against the black pillowcase―a metaphor for her wilted spirit, I mused, thinking offhandedly how proud my English professor would be at my thoughtful use of language.

I sighed. I didn’t want to be here.

When her eyes met mine, I knew she saw me for who I really was—what I really was. She reached out an eager hand to take mine. I didn’t want anything to do with it. But it wasn’t because her fingers were slick with blood, deep crimson dripping down her arm and fingernails from where she’d so precisely placed a razor blade to her vein and dug deep, thinking she’d be free of her pain. It was because her face reflected back to me all the times I’d felt I’d been given a shitty deal. Current situation: case in point.

“Hi,” she whispered, her once pink lips fading with every pump of her life, which was idly dripping away from her to the plush white carpet below. I could smell the newness of it, the fresh aroma of a recently laid floor. That’s going to be a bitch to get clean.

I looked around her bedroom, at the dance trophies and pictures of smiling friends, and wondered why. Why me? “Blake …” Hearing my mother’s warning tone, I looked over at her where she stood in the shadows, overseeing my tutelage.

“Why can’t we just call an ambulance? It’s not too late. They could save her,” I whispered fiercely, staring at the girl’s hand stretched out to me as if I were her savior and not her end. “We should save—”

“It’s not for us to decide, you know that. We are only here to bring souls over, not save their mortal lives. Take her, she wants to go.”

“And will she still feel the same when she’s looking down at her body?” I asked, not even bothering to check my mother’s expression when she didn’t answer. Suicide wasn’t a peaceful death. It was pain―that much I knew.

I choked back the tears that wanted to rise in my eyes for this girl, for me … I turned to her once more and leaned down, brushing a strand of her hair from her graying face. “What’s your name?”

Barely blinking, her pale eyes darted to me. “Carly,” she said, choking around her words.

“Just hold my hand and I’ll help you cross,” I said softly, forcing myself to meet her gaze so that someone would witness her ending as they had her beginning.

She smiled slowly, and I saw that in life she had been pretty. When she’d believed. When she’d had hope.

“The light?” Her eyes widened, glittering green for a brief moment in their otherwise colorless depths at the prospect of going somewhere beautiful after this life had been so cold.

I nodded, although I didn’t really know where she would go. I was only in training, but I hoped it was someplace good, where her tormented soul could rest.

She had small, feminine hands, I thought, as she laced her slippery fingers around my longer warm ones. She didn’t last long, her pulse giving one last flutter before sputtering out.

The room was suffused with the silence left behind in the absence of such a simple thing. The thundering lack of a person’s heartbeat had never seemed quite so loud. As life departed Carly’s mortal coil, her soul lifted from the body, but unlike some souls I’d seen that were light and buoyant, at peace with the next step in their existence, hers was outlined in darkness, and it rippled, suspended in space like a special effect in a bad horror film. Her gaze turned from her body to me, sorrow coming to settle on the slope of her bowed shoulders and in the recesses of her eyes. Regret was a fickle creature. It always came too late.




K.M. Randall



About the Author:

As a girl, K.M. always wished she’d suddenly come into magical powers or cross over into a Faerie circle. Although that has yet to happen, she instead lives vicariously through the characters she creates writing fantasy and paranormal.

When K.M. is not busy writing her next novel, she serves as a freelance editor and writer. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree in English-Lit from Nazareth College of Rochester. K.M. lives in Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes region with her husband, her extremely energetic little boy, and their crazy goldendoodle Luna (short for Lunatic)


Learn more at http://www.kmrandallauthor.com/







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To Mate An Assassin, by Ceri Grenelle 1

To Mate an Assassin Cover



5 out of 5

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To Mate an Assassin is an amazing book that draws you in, grabs hold, and refuses to let go until the last page has been read. It is love despite all the insecurities and reasons as to why it should not happen. It shows us that even the most damaged person can be capable and deserving of love. Definitely worth reading and I highly recommend it to any one interested in this genre.

Reviewed by Silver Rose

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.




Cymbeline Kendall’s life is quiet, solitary—until a letter appears in her P.O. box. Then she becomes an Incendiary, a human chosen at birth to be trained to strike like lightning to take out the most dangerous of the Werekind, then fade back into the shadows.

She is a weapon only to be used by the leader of North American shifters. But when she learns the Alphar was unseated three years ago, she sets out to find who’s been pulling her trigger.

Kerrick Masterson has borne the burden of leadership for only a short time, yet he already feels the Alphar power tempting his soul toward the insanity that destroyed his predecessor. He has no time for the woman who breaks into his compound claiming to be his Incendiary, but his beast insists he make the time—for his mate.

In one searing, soul-consuming breath, everything Cymbeline was taught to believe is ripped away. Yet the mystery of who’s been sending her orders remains…and finding the answer could lead to all-out war.

Warning: Contains an assassin who doesn’t tolerate those who hurt the weak, and a shifter leader determined to unlock his new mate’s repressed emotions—even if that puts his balls at risk. Explicit sex, violence, and references to abuse that could be rough on sensitive readers.

To Mate An Assassin Tour Banner


She crossed her arms, looking away from him in stereotypical female annoyance. It would not behoove her to admit she was enjoying their repartee. He held out one hand to her and stood, having recovered from her rough grip, the other rested against his heart. “I am sorry, Cymbeline. I was teasing again.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, unconvinced by his genial behavior. She knew he was more devil than angel, his mischievous nature all too clear. She possibly liked that a tad more than she should.

“Run with me?” he asked, his hand reaching.

The moment became heavy, weighted with things unsaid and issues greater than the both of them, issues that needed resolving. She wasn’t for him. Not even the howling of her Wolf within her soul could convince her.


“Don’t think,” he said, stepping forward to kiss her forehead. “Just run with me. Nothing more.”

She stepped back, letting the Wolf ’s presence of mind gain an edge. Her Wolf yipped in joy and pressed the shift upon her body. It wasn’t a painful thing as some humans thought. The shift was a magical phenomenon and shifters were made of magic. To shift was light within the soul and joy within the heart.

Cymbeline twisted in on herself, a core of warmth spreading from her heart to touch every corner of her body. She looked down and saw her paws, her red and amber fur, and felt completely at home for the first time since she’d arrived at this topsy-turvy circus. Without a backwards glance she forgot everything around her and just ran.

The dirt was a cloud her paws barely skimmed as her lupine nature dodged between the trees. The grass flying past her legs was cool rain petting her fur. Her Wolf leapt into the air with such joy to be free that she nearly cried. They were whole. Shifted into her Wolf form was the only time Cymbeline felt as if she’d been born to be a shifter not Turned as part of some grand design. She yipped and howled with excitement, completely out of character for her but just so damn fun.

After a few moments Cymbeline remembered there was someone running beside her. She turned her head and there was Kerrick, in all his Alphar glory. He’d chosen a Wolf for his shifted form, a beautiful and grand gray Wolf with eyes as black as coal. It was the gift of the Alphar, why they were the strongest and most dominant of all the shifters. They were true shifters, not stuck in one animal form but blessed with the ability to change into all of them. An impassioned look of triumph graced his face as he ran beside her and she finally allowed herself to feel it. Shifting into her Wolf form broke down one of the few remaining barriers she had erected to keep the full effect of the mating from influencing her emotions. But she felt it now. He was hers. Undeniably and undoubtedly hers. She would never choose another; never need another. And her faith in him was unwavering. He would always be true, always be there for her no matter how much he teased or joked. She’d never had anyone belong to her like that before, and she never would again.


“Let me see it,” he said. She’d sensed him approaching, even though his tread was silent as the grave, but hadn’t had the energy to keep running. The Alphar’s shadow appeared before her, not waiting for her compliance before gently taking her hand to examine the wound.

“Shut up. Kiss me. Say it. Let me see it.” She mimicked to his downturned face as he sniffed the cut. “Ever heard of asking?”

“Not when it comes to you, apparently.” He glanced up with a short smile before turning back to her hand.

Her body slumped against the tree, the poison taking hold of her limbs. The Alphar scooped her up into his arms as if she weighed nothing and began to run back towards The Mansion.

“No,” she slurred against his chest. Mmm, he smelled good. “Don’t want to go back.”

“You’ve got Vryk blood in your system.”

“Won’t kill me.” She thought she’d smelled Vryk on the creature that had flung her back into the forest. What the hell was a Vryk doing attacking her? She had never had an issue with any Vryks. In fact she had worked amicably with many in this area in the past.

“No, but it will leave you paralyzed and helpless for about a day.”

“Leave me.”

“You really are crazy if you want me to leave you¾my mate¾in the middle of a forest crawling with my enemies when paralyzed and vulnerable. Even if you weren’t my mate I wouldn’t do that.”

A horn honked as they reached the road. Cymbeline tried to lift her head and realized she was truly paralyzed when it just lolled with every step the bastard Alphar took. A large, black van was pulled over on the side of the road. A blonde woman in a crisp, navy-blue pants suit leaned against the van and was speaking on a phone as she waved them over.

“Leave me,” Cymbeline mumbled again as her vision turned hazy. He took a rough step and her head lulled towards his chest. She could scent the dark, intangible thing telling her she wanted to stay in his arms, that it was okay to give in to him. Ignoring the whispers, she fought like hell to stay awake. But try as she might to keep her eyes open and her senses keen, she knew she would pass out soon and did not want to be left in the tender care of this man, no matter how amazing he smelled. Seriously, was this natural?

Pissed off with her failing strength, she took out her anger on the closest victim. With the last of her ebbing energy she shot her hand up and smacked the Alphar’s forehead.

He stopped walking, staring down at her incredulously. “You used the last of your strength to slap me?”

She couldn’t speak anymore so she just glared, willing him to let her go with the power of her angry stare. Instead of reacting angrily or haughtily as she’d assumed a man of his status would, he shook his head and grinned, leaning in to place a small yet firm kiss on her forehead.

“Sleep. I swear no harm will come to you.”

Staring into his black eyes as she succumbed to darkness, she almost wanted to believe him. Almost.



Ceri Grenelle


About the Author:

I’ve always had an active imagination. An imagination that usually took form in the way of zoning out in the middle of conversations. I eventually decided it was time to share my daydreaming with the world and began to put my musings on paper. It started with Harry Potter fanfiction and grew from there.

I am currently living it up in Northern California after a big move from New York City. And by living it up I mean staying home with my cats, obsessively watching episodes of my favorite TV shows, all of which are extremely geeky, and simultaneously reading the next book on my reading list. I do all this while trying not to pig out on unhealthy snacks. As you can tell, I lead a busy life.

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