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4 out of 5

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I really enjoyed this book, the first I have read by Sara McBride. It is the first book in a series so they are introducing all the characters. I find myself really liking Tara the main character. She seems real, smart, a little damaged but thankfully not whiny. Her friend Sophie is fun and energetic. Zwena is magical and can’t wait to see what she can do. It took an unexpected twist for me with the introduction of witches and some serious evil. I found this book to be new, exciting and different. Whether the series keeps me in Barbados or Green Bay, I look forward to reading the next book in The Charmed in Paradise series.    Babygotbooks

Reviewed by Babygotbooks

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



Tara’s a big girl whose life is in shambles. Her fiancé left her for some skinny little bitch, work is overwhelming and her self-esteem has been shredded. So when her best friend suggests a vacation on the tropical paradise island of Barbados, she jumps at the chance.

A freak accident on a Caribbean beach leaves Tara with a magical gift that makes her virtually irresistible to men, rebuilds her broken self-esteem and introduces her to a mystical world of witches and wizards as well as one of the sexiest mega millionaire pro athletes on the planet.

When an evil billionaire wizard decides to take what he wants, the real question is, can Tara and her friends escape this adventure with their lives.

This paranormal romance adventure series is filled with steamy romance, sizzling sex, paranormal adventure, evil billionaires and hot, curvy BBWs.



They had a bit of a late start because something had come up at Tara’s office, then traffic getting out of the city had been Friday-heavy; and that was before three car pileup at the junction of the I-43 and 141.

Now they were driving in the dark through this sparsely populated part of the state. The headlights of her Audi A6 cut sharply through the deep Wisconsin darkness. At least one thing had gone right: they had gotten lucky with the weather. While it was cold, it hadn’t snowed that day and according to the weatherman it wasn’t supposed to until the next morning. Tara wanted to get up to Iron Mountain before it got late and she really wanted to let those horses run, but driving too fast at this time of night on this road would be dangerous. You never knew when a deer might bolt from the trees and across the highway. An encounter like that could wreck your car and your weekend and this one had already started out badly, so she backed off the gas pedal just a little.

Ever since they had left Green Bay, Richard had been strangely quiet. Tara had tried to engage him in small talk, asking him how work was going and whom did he think his favorite football team was going to draft this spring. She even pulled out her ace-in-the-hole and brought up the big news of the day about the team signing a mega million-dollar multi-year contract with his favorite player, Troy Schell.

Not that Tara really cared much about football, but Richard did, so she tried to keep up with what was happening with his team and his favorite players. But he had been quiet, spending most of his time looking at his phone or staring out the car window, his mind off somewhere in his own world.

A voice deep inside her said something’s wrong. Can’t you feel it?

No, what she and Richard needed, thought Tara, was a weekend of snowboarding, snow shoeing and hot sex at the closest thing to a mountain resort the upper Midwest had to offer, which is why she had booked a romantic cabin at Iron Mountain.

Things had been difficult between them lately and she knew she was mostly to blame. She had been spending a lot of time at work—a ridiculous amount, truth be told, and although they lived together they barely saw each other anymore. It had been weeks since they’d made love and Tara was feeling pent up; this weekend she was determined to rock her fiancé’s world and remind him of why he had liked it enough to put a ring on it.

In fact, she had a plan. While their sex life had been pretty boring lately, Tara was planning some surprises for her man this weekend that would make up for how stale things had become. In her suitcase were a cute little French maid costume and a naughty nurse uniform she had found at the lingerie boutique on 27th street. She was also betting that Richard would get a kick out of the strawberry-flavored lube she had found. Yes, this was going to be a weekend to remember. Tara had no idea how right she was.

By the time they reached Iron Mountain and found the cabin it was almost nine o’clock. Tara pulled the Audi off the paved road and navigated up the dark, rutted tree lined drive and into the small space beside the cozy-looking log cabin she had rented online.

She had chosen this particular place because it had looked rustic on the outside but well-appointed on the inside, including a full kitchen, living room with satellite TV and a king size bed with an elaborate iron headboard—the perfect attachment spot for the leopard-print fur-lined handcuffs. Yep, it was going to feel really good to be so bad.

Tara shifted the car into park and got out, stretching luxuriously. The cold air hit her like a bracing slap on her cheeks and the smell of pine trees was almost overpowering. The transition from the warmth of the car and lingering smells of the city to the cold country air threw her into sensory overload. She shook her head and stepped onto the front porch, where the owners had said the key would be concealed under the garden gnome beside the stairs. She retrieved the key and headed over to unlock the front door while Richard pulled their bags from the trunk. Her plan had been to attack the man as soon as they were inside. Literally ravage him right after they got inside and closed the door, hell, maybe even before they shut the door!

But that plan had gone right out the window as Richard had brushed right past her with the bags before she could even get her hands on him. He flipped on the living room lights and headed directly to the bedroom with their luggage. When he reached the bedroom he dropped the bags on the floor and flicked on the bedside lamp, leaving Tara standing in the doorway.

The voice in her head spoke up again. Why the walls? And he’s just so cold…You’re NOT listening!

Undeterred, she followed him into the bedroom and he was already opening dresser drawers preparing to unpack their bags when she turned him towards her and wrapped her arms around him. She reached around behind him and grasped his firm ass and pressed her hips into him.

Tara tilted her head, bit her lip and whispered, “Hey big guy, do you think you could help a girl out? I’m feeling a little… anxious…if you know what I mean.” Then she traced her lips teasingly across his.

At first he tentatively returned the kiss but as her tongue became more insistent, she felt his cock begin to stiffen in his jeans, pressing firmly against her leg and his kisses became more intense. She ran her hands along his chest and shoulders and peeled off his thick down ski jacket leaving him in just a blue and green flannel shirt and a pair of weathered jeans that fit his narrow hips perfectly.

His hands slid down to her plump buttocks drawing her against him as he pulled his mouth away from hers and began to kiss gently along her jawline making his way to an earlobe which he knew from years of experience was ever-so-sensitive. She shivered as she felt her nipples stiffen and press against the silky fabric of her bra. Then to her complete surprise he sunk his teeth into her earlobe which sent an electric current directly to sex. Knees buckling, she would have fallen had he not held on firmly to her backside, pulling her even closer to him and grinding his now fully erect cock hard into her leg.


“A couple of people said they had seen the box you were looking for.”

Radella tried to keep the emotion from showing on her face. She and her people had been down here for a month asking questions and no one said a word about the box. This was the first solid lead they had. She felt her heart skip a beat.

“So what’s this box look like?” she asked coolly.

Kai didn’t take his eyes off her. She could tell he was trying to decide how valuable this information was to her. “Just like you described it. Old dark wood with shiny white squares across the top… real fancy. People say some woman that works down on the beach selling junk and telling fortunes has it.”

Now it was Radella’s turn to smirk. “You got anything else?”

Kai didn’t say anything for a couple of beats. Radella knew he was up to something and he was trying to decide what his next move should be.

“Look, I know this box is worth a lot to you. Tell you what, for another $500 me and Navas will steal this box from her and bring it to you. What do you say?”

Radella smiled, crossed her arms and gazed directly at Kai. “No, I’ll get the box myself.”

This clearly wasn’t what Kai expected her to say. “What do you mean you’ll get the box yourself? You don’t even know who this bitch is. I KNOW who this bitch is!”

In her peripheral vision, Radella saw Navas begin to inch in towards her and saw one of his hands go, without any attempt to conceal the movement, into his back pocket. She took a half step back, but kept her eyes on both men.

“This island isn’t that big, so finding someone who sells souvenirs and tells fortunes on the beach isn’t going to be that hard.”

Navas turned to his brother. “Fool, you told her too much!”

“Shut up Navas!” Kai shouted.

As the two brothers stared each other down Radella took another step back as she continued to talk.

“Besides, I’ve known from the beginning that I couldn’t trust you two. If you stole the box and the things we want are actually inside, you’d either steal them and try to sell them yourself, or you would try to make me pay you some ridiculous price to give me the things I already paid you to get. As I said, I’ll get the box myself.”

A look passed between the brothers. Navas produced a large folding knife from his back pocket and flipped the blade open. Kai picked up what looked like a bowie knife from under a pile of food wrappers on the table.

“Fine, have it your way,” whispered Kai. “But it’s going to cost you $500 to get out of the house alive.”

Radella gave them both an icy, appraising stare. “I didn’t bring any money.”

Navas spoke up. “That’s not a problem. We’ll just take the necklace.” With a wide grin he gestured toward the star pendant hanging around her boney neck.

Radella smiled back and reached down taking the star pendant in both hands pointing the large stone in the direction of the two men.

“You mean this old thing?” The emerald began to glow and Radella began to chant, “Lamina lamina lamna, inermis, prehendo, fervens, letum!”

A flash of green light filled the room and then it was gone. Kai and Navas were taken aback, but Kai recovered quickly enough.

“Nice trick lady. But that ain’t gonna help you. Now hand over the necklace.”

Radella’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Gentlemen, I have good news and I have bad news.” She smiled. “Let’s start with the bad news. I’m a witch and I’ve put a spell on your knives.” She stopped and thought for a second. “That’s not entirely true. I’ve actually put four spells on your knives.”

She held up her index finger. “The first spell won’t allow your knives to harm me.”

She held up a second finger. “The second spell won’t allow either of you to let go of your knives.”

She held up her third finger. “The third spell will make your knives begin to grow hotter and hotter until finally the metal and whatever else they happen to be made of burns away or melts.”

She paused for dramatic effect, and then finished.

“You can just imagine what that will do to your hands.”

She smiled brightly at both men.

“Now here is the good news. The fourth spell is your way out. All you have to do is kill your brother with your knife,” She looked at Kai then over at Navas, “and the spell is broken. Your knife cools off and you can set it down.”

Radella started toward the door but Navas lunged at her, leading with the wicked looking blade pointed at her throat. But he never came close. The knife swung away like her body was the bad side of a magnet, slashing harmlessly through the air.

Kia leapt forward, stabbing at Radella’s torso but again the knife was repulsed, the tip wrenching straight up before it reached her, leaving the man standing holding the knife over his head.

The brothers looked at each other with panic-stricken eyes. Navas tried to open his hand and let the knife fall to the floor but his fingers stayed clamped like a vice on the handle of the folding knife.

Kai tried to throw his bowie knife but had no more success than his brother.

Radella turned lightly and as she reached the door she heard Kai cry out in pain. The knives were beginning to heat up. She smiled contentedly and turned to study the two brothers as they began to stalk each other around the room.

“Oh, and did I mention that you have about five minutes? Her smirk widened to a full skeletal grin.

“Have a nice evening, gentlemen.”




Sara McBride



About the Author:

When a life-changing injury forced her to give up a successful career as a personal trainer, Sara McBride did what any girl with the gift for gab and a typing speed that is freakishly fast would do—become a paranormal BBW erotic romance writer.

Long frustrated with the fitness industry’s lack of acceptance that many people naturally have a body mass index above the “normal” range, she has always championed acceptance and wellness for all—not just those crazy people who love to exercise. Viva la BBW!

A lifelong reader of fantasy and paranormal fiction, Sara lives with her very patient husband and two small children who now begin every sentence with “As soon as you’re finished writing that chapter, could we….”

Her license plate holder reads “My other car is a broom.”

This is her first work of fiction.

If you would like to read Sara’s blog or sign up for an email letting you know when her next book will be released, please visit:











First of Spring, by Kelsey Jordan Reply

First of Spring Cover




5 out of 5

Available for Purchase on  Amazon   BN iTunes 



This was the third book in the series. By the end of the first chapter, I understood that there was a whole other world that was being hidden from the humans. It’s not necessary to have read the previous books to enjoy this one, but it might help to get the structure of the world straight.  The only flaw of the book had to do with editing. There were places that I had to stop to figure out what the author was attempting to write. This didn’t happen too often, but enough that I noticed. Other than that issue, the story was well written. I became invested in what happened to Travis and Aryana. I plan on reading the previous books. The world that was created was fascinating and I look forward to discovering more.

Reviewed by Tipsy Dreamer

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.




Caution: The Gardinian World Novels are a trip into a paranormal world where the gods of Gardas are real, the sex can be downright raunchy, and more than a few four letter words litter the page.

Forged from a childhood filled with bloodshed and death, Trent had been raised with a blade in his hands. He lives the life of a warrior and carves through his enemies as if seeking redemption for his mother’s ultimate sacrifice. As the acting Mikko of the Order of Rockys, Trent leads the most dominant Lycans in the world. For that reason alone, he has no use or understanding for those who wallow in their vulnerabilities, rather than exercise their power over their own destiny.

Aryana doesn’t dream of everlasting love. Her life is ruled by a song that echoes from the halls of Oblivia, a fate that came to her under the thundering hooves of the Mares of Night. She is going to die, but with no clue as to when or why, Aryana is forced to do everything she can to negate the haunting words of fate,

“Weakness dies and you are weak.”

But the gods are merciless in their meddling in the lives of powerful mortals and the ones they love. How far will Trent have to fall for the weak female who steps in his life and claims his soul?




There were no monitors beeping. There hadn’t been any time to set them up. But Trent didn’t need them. He could feel the change the minute it happened.

She was gone. There was no pain in the change, not like he’d heard happened when bonded Lycans felt their spouses die. The shift was marked simply by the absence of her. He didn’t know how much space she’d occupied within him, but now that space was nothing more than a gaping maw yearning for its mistress.


Aryana was scraping the last of the potatoes from the plate when he stepped out of the bathroom clothed in his typical jeans, t-shirt, and mountain ready boots. The way his shirt clung to him conjured another hunger, one that she found funny considering her physical state. She should be exhausted. The idea of Trent’s body pushing against hers with his deep and powerful strokes put sleep on the back burner and sex on the front.


Aryana supposed she should be thankful that she at least got to know her Soul’s Mate. Many never were graced with the knowledge of what their mate’s soul looked like. At least she had that. If only she could live forever, know him forever. Love him forever. But her time on earth was measured in days, if not hours. She should get started memorizing every inch of the ones she loved so that they could ease her when she went to Gardas’ eternal embrace.


“Camden sent me to find you.”

“Here I am.”

Tyson stared at him for a long moment. “You have a choice right now, Mikko. You can keep moping like you just got dumped by your boyfriend or you can act like the fucking Rocky I trained you to be. Option number one isn’t on the menu.”




Kelsey Jordan Headshot



About the Author:

Kelsey Jordan is the author of The Gardinian World novels. Though she has a preference for all things paranormal and romantic, Kelsey admits she just writes what her muse demands of her. It’s less painful that way. When she isn’t enjoying the momentary benefits of playing god to the many characters that live in her head, she can usually be found curled up with a book, killing something in a video game, or spending time with her family. At some point in the day she is probably drinking more than her recommended dose of coffee, but don’t tell her that. She doesn’t care about recommended servings.

As a Texas native and self-described Air Force brat, Kelsey now lives in Georgia with her husband and their tutu-wearing minion.

To learn more, visit her at




1 e-book copy set of all 3 books in the Gardinian World Series – The Lycan Hunter, Heart of a Rocky, First of Spring

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Cover Reveal: Beauty and the Werewolf, by Kristin Miller 2

Beauty and the Werewolf Cover


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Unmated werewolves don’t normally live past three hundred years old…and billionaire Jack MacGrath is cutting it close. Sure, he has almost everything—the respect of his peers, a mansion in San Francisco, a private jet, and fast cars. But without a mate, Jack’s in trouble. Then he sees her. Gorgeous, proud…and his enemy.

Isabelle Connelly is good at hiding things from her father. Like her success as a painter, or the incredibly intense attraction she has to Jack MacGrath. After all, she’s royalty and falling for anyone lesser—to say nothing of a rival pack—would be, er, unseemly. Now she must choose between her duty to her family and her pack…or her perfect fated mate.



Kristin Miller


About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Kristin Miller writes sweet and sassy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance of all varieties. Kristin has degrees in psychology, English, and education,and taught high school and middle school English before crossing over to a career in writing. She lives in Northern California with her alpha male husband and their two children. She loves chocolate way more than she should and thegym less. You can usually find her in the corner of a coffee shop, laptop in front of her and mocha in hand, using theguests around her as fuel for her next book.

Website • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads



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Cover Reveal: Mortal Musings, by Aria Glazki 1

Mortal Musings Cover


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Muse Alexandra has had it with the arrogant, ungrateful humans she is obligated to inspire.  When the internal ranting of her latest charge pushes her past reason, she disregards the rules and forces her own words through his fingers, and is instantly entrapped in mortal form.  With no magic, no identity, and no resources, Allie has no alternative but to navigate the mortal realm, depending entirely on her reluctant host while discerning what exactly caused her transformation — and how to reverse it.

Brett doesn’t have a chance to consider the words that mysteriously showed up on his screen; he’s too distracted by the stunning woman who appeared in his office out of nowhere.  Before his brain can catch up, Brett’s uninvited guest becomes enmeshed in his everyday life. Her artless innocence gradually lessens his suspicions. Most importantly, the writer’s block that’s been plaguing him dissolves under the fantasies the naively beguiling Alexandra inspires.

All too soon, the forced proximity sparks a confounding awareness neither writer nor muse are able to resist.



Teaser 1.4


About the Author:

Aria’s writing story started when her seventh-grade English teacher encouraged her to submit a class assignment for publication. That piece was printed, and let’s just say, she was hooked!

Since then, Aria has run a literary magazine, earned her degree in Creative Writing (as well as in French and Russian literatures), and been published in a few collections. Though her first kiss technically came from a bear cub, and no fairytale transformation followed, Aria still believes magic can happen when the right people come together – if they don’t get in their own way, that is.

Other than all things literary, Aria loves spending time with her family, including her two unbearably adorable nieces. She also dabbles in painting, dancing, playing violin, and, given the opportunity, Epicureanism.

Website • Blog • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads






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Between Worlds, by Cynthia Austin Reply

Between Worlds Cover



4 out of 5

I enjoyed this third book much more than the first two. There is a bit of the same writing style as the other two where you dip into being fully submerged into Sidneys mind set. Here we have the story finally unfolding bringing some excitement to the reading experience. All in all it is a great storyline idea. The plot and background when it comes to light is great.
Reviewed by Fawnzys
Out Blog was given this book in exchange for and honest review.

Synopsis: Just when her romantic life was finally starting to settle in, Sidney Sinclair is buried in an emotional meltdown…

Sidney tried to dismiss the mysterious Adrian McAllister once and for all, but instead found herself falling in love with him, despite her relationship with Ray Ryker.

Now, to complicate things even further, her rock star boyfriend has suddenly gone missing.

On the search to find her boyfriend Sidney begins to rely on Adrian even more. Causing her heart to bounce back and forth between the two men leaving her confused and emotionally exhausted.

But there is one question that trumps them all “Which world is real?”

Is it the world of reality where she has comfortably known and understood Ray for years? Or is it the world of the subconscious where she struggles to understand the eerie presence of Adrian’s passion for her?

When the murderer of her beloved friend is finally revealed, Ray is found to be the next on the fatal list causing Sidney to choose between the two men.

In a life or death struggle with the two men who mean the most to her, she’s left having to choose between Ray’s life, or the addictive Adrian who will do anything to possess her forever…

Between Worlds Tour Banner

About the Author:

Cynthia Austin lives in Northern California with her
husband, two boys, and Olde English Bulldogge named Count Dogula. They love all things horror, gothic, and Victorian which prompts her friends to dub them as “The Adams Family.”

She is an avid reader who may be slightly obsessed with music. She hears music in a way that she believes the artist intended it to be heard: visually, with a storyline that follows. Listening to the songs by her favorite artists, she was inspired to write her first series titled “The Pendant.”

Cynthia has been published twice in The Writer’s Monthly Magazine as well as the online news site, Yahoo! Voices. She currently attends Diablo Valley College, in Pleasant Hill, California, where she is working to achieve her degree in English.

Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads

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Cover Reveal: Omega and Love, by K. Webster Reply

99 cent sale and cover reveal graphic


Alpha & Omega (#1) will be on sale for 99 cents July 13th – 17th at the online retailers below.


Amazon UK:





They now call me a Leviathan. A monster.

And maybe I am.

I know one soul who believes that with every part of his being.

If only he knew the truth.

If only I could make him see that I’m more than the surface of lies I spin. That I’m more than someone out for their own gain. I wish he could see—know who I was before all of this. The person I desperately cling on to that is still inside of me. The person I must protect.

One day I hope to hand him the key to the fortress that is my heart.

I just hope he doesn’t give up on Love and throw it all away…

I hate Love.

I’m looking at her.

There’s an innocence to her that she keeps carefully hidden.

But I see it.

Inside of her is someone that she has revealed to no one.

Not even me when I once thought we were in love.

Of course now I know that was all a farce but still, she hid that even from me.

But not now—now, I see more.




Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00073]



About the Author:

K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

Website • Blog • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads






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Half-Life, by Tina Ferraro Reply



4 out of 5

Available at Amazon or B&N



This was a good book! The author did a great job with the characters and the story between Trisha and Chessie. I like how the story developed and the ending was great. I really liked when Trisha found why Chessie has come back and this had some good life lessons in it.
Review by Brave One
Our Blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
Half a life is not worth living.

Probably not a good idea to take advice from your dead twin sister. High school sophomore Trisha Traynor and friends have played the Halloween mirror game for years, the one that’s supposed to show a glimpse of the guy they’ll marry. But no one’s ever seen anything.

Until tonight—when Trisha is gob smacked by the candlelit arrival of her long-deceased twin sister, instead of her crush, Kirk Maxwell.

In a voice and vision that only Trisha can hear and see, Chessie claims to be back on a compassionate journey. Trisha fears she’s gone nuthouse crazy. But she nonetheless follows the instructions Chessie outlines in their nightly conversations, until she finds herself stepping across some ethical lines, and probably ending all chances with Kirk.

When a sisterly showdown ensues, resulting in the shattering of the mirror, Chessie’s gone again, and a heartsick Trisha sets about righting her recent wrongs. That is, until she stumbles upon the real reason Chessie had come back and the most important glimpse yet that the mirror could never predict.






Milan, by Jordan Ashton 1



3 out of 5

Available at Bookstrand   Kobo   BN



I enjoyed the premise of the story. There was so much potential. I believe that if the book had been longer, the characters could have been developed more throughly. The characters experienced some pretty intense things, but it was hard to empathize when everything happened so quickly. If you’re looking for a quick read then this is the book to read.

Review by Tipsy Dreamer

Our blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



Milan Ambrozi has hidden from the world and from love for far too long. After he receives a letter from his sister, Ari, that their father is dying, he decides to finally face his inner demon and go back to be with everyone he loves who he left behind.

Carlos Hernandez has been picking up the pieces ever since his ex-lover, Milan, suddenly disappeared from everyone’s life five years ago. Carlos has been helping Ari and her terminally ill father through this trying time. When Milan returns, Carlos lashes out at him with pent-up anger and hurt he’s kept bottled all of these years.

Milan explains he had no choice, that he had to leave to keep them safe. Yet he refuses to say why. They decide to set aside their differences and try to be friends. But that passionate fire Carlos and Milan had never died. It’s alive and hotter than ever, so is their love they keep denying to each other.

When people in the city start dying from spontaneous combustion, Carlos uncovers that Milan’s involved somehow. Will Milan tell Carlos the truth or will his inner demon lash out at everyone he loves?



Milan Banner 851 x 315



Never in a thousand years would Milan Ambrozi have expected this. He leaned on the door to his room and stared at the letter in his hands. Father Theosis had hand delivered it to him just minutes ago. As he turned the folded manila envelope, he frowned. It was from his sister Arianna.

Five years had passed since Milan last saw her. It was a day Milan could never forget and wished had never happened, because it was the worst day of his life, the day the world as he knew it ended.

The images of elongated, sharp fangs, black fur, and demonic red eyes seared his eyes as the haunting memories of that night returned. They were still as painful now as they were five years ago.

He released a long breath and tapped the letter on his chin. A part of him wanted to open it and find out what Arianna wrote, but another part of him dreaded it.

They hadn’t kept in touch all of these years. Arianna had tried and so had his father, sending him letters to the sanctuary’s P.O. Box, but Milan had never replied. He read every single one of their messages and his heart ached with each breath he took. He missed and loved them so much. Just as he missed and loved his one true love, Carlos Hernandez, whom he’d abandoned that night just like he did them.

It was supposed to be the first night of the next chapter in their relationship. Carlos had popped the question before the nightmare ever occurred that ripped Milan from him and everyone else he loved.

Not a day went by that Milan didn’t fantasize or reminisce about their love and what he had left behind. Carlos was and would forever be his soul mate. No one would ever replace him in his heart.

If only he could turn back time to the way things were. Back to a time when he and Carlos were madly in love and having passionate sex every waking hour, and his baby sister was still in pigtails, and his father was happy and not angry with him.

But unfortunately that wasn’t an option. Time only moved forward, not backward, and so must he. Sooner or later he needed to step forward and out from this shelter he had immersed himself, and return to his family and friends and his past life.

But how could he ever face them again? How could he tell them the truth?

Casting his thoughts and fears aside, he sighed and slumped onto the edge of his bed. The springs in the mattress creaked under his weight. He combed his wavy black locks out of his eyes and tore the envelope open in one swift and smooth movement.

The scent of rose water drifted into the air, tickling his nose. He closed his eyes and sniffed the folded letter he extracted. It smelled of his baby sister. Tears filmed his eyes as memories of her in pony tails, smiling at him in a wide, dimpled grin flooded his mind. Her sixteenth birthday had passed three months ago. He wondered how much she had changed in these past five years. Not only had he missed all of her teen years so far, but her sweet sixteenth birthday, as well. He’d never regain those lost precious moments, ever.

He unfolded the paper and began to read, preparing himself for a back lashing, words of hatred, of resentment at being abandoned and forgotten. But what he read took him completely by surprise.

Dear Milan,

This letter will probably never reach you as my other letters before this haven’t, but I had to send it just in case you do get it and read it.

I don’t know how to write this. What words can I use to make this any less painful for you? I know they’ll break your heart and make you cry, but there is no good way to pass on bad news.

A few months ago Daddy was diagnosed with lung cancer. Treatments haven’t helped. The cancer spread. We found out yesterday that he has only a few weeks or months to live.

Please come home. We really need you.

Love always,


His grip on the paper slacked and it drifted to the carpeted floor as the silence in the room ended with his cries. He covered his face with his hands and leaned his elbows on his knees. He cried for his father, for his sister and their suffering. He cried for his damnation and the cruel God he had come to know all too well.

Life wasn’t fair, and the good always suffered undeservingly. His father, a kind and generous man who had loved and nurtured him and his sister all of his life, was suffering a slow and painful death. And there wasn’t anything anyone could do to stop it.

He let the sorrow and despair flow out, until there were no more tears or energy to spare. He lay back on the bed and stared at the twirling ceiling fan, being mesmerized by its simple and constant spinning motion.

Now that this detrimental blow had been delivered, he knew without a doubt that the time for hiding had passed. He needed to face his inner demons and conquer them.

The letter screamed its purpose in his ears. His father and baby sister needed him. Now more than ever. It was time to go home.



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About the Author:

Jordan Ashton is a writer and wife whose passion for reading romance novels led her to writing them, too. She believes love can conquer all and that it makes the world go round, not money. Her heroes, heroines, and the worlds she creates bring this belief to life. She is and will always be a true romantic at heart.








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To Overthrow Evil, by Sam Crescent Reply



4 out of 5

Available at ARe



I have not read any of Ms Crescent’s book before this. The characters were well developed and related well with the storyline. However I felt something was left out as I read this book. This book is a paranormal love story, a coming of age story and good versus evil story. What started out as best friends becomes best friends, lovers and mates. I have added Ms Crescent on my future TBR list.

Review by Epiphany

Our blog was given this book in exchange for an honest review.



Before they can be out together, they must rid their pack of the evil within.

Sean Ridge, the Alpha’s son, harbors a dangerous secret about his long-time best friend. Ben, the son of their pack’s Beta, also happens to be Sean’s destined mate.

However, same-sex matings are forbidden by pack law and those who defy tradition risk death. To survive, Sean and Ben must live a lie. But they’re not the only two who want pack law to change. A group of wolves are planning an uprising to overthrow the evil Alpha.

Will Sean and Ben choose to run and forever look over their shoulders? Or will they take a stand and fight for the right to choose their mates and live in the open?


Out for You - To Overthrow Evil Banner 540 x 200



Sean Ridge and Ben Frizz stared out of window toward the forest while the rest of the pack ran. It was a full moon, and only those of the pack who were unable to change stayed indoors. The hairs on Sean’s arm stood on end as he thought about what he’d just witnessed.

“I don’t know if I can stop being sick,” Ben said, putting a hand to his stomach. They were both seventeen and the best of friends. Their fathers were the alpha and beta of the pack. When they were both old enough they’d take their places, bringing protection and guidance like both of their fathers before them.

Sean no longer looked toward the thick forest but down at the town square where two men had been made an example of. The very sight of them, hung up on posts, sickened him. There were a couple of people who were admiring the death before them. His own father had done this before his very eyes. He’d never known and never wanted to know anything like it again.

“How could they punish them, Sean?”

“I don’t know.”

“When you’re mates, it shouldn’t matter. Both men were mates.” Ben shook his head stepping away from the view. “I can’t look. I don’t know how those people can even stand to look at it.”

“Both our fathers did that, and those people agree with it.”

“They’re outlawing same-sex mates. If they don’t leave the pack, they’re going to kill them.”

He didn’t know what to say. Leaving the sight, Sean sat on the bed, drawing his knees up against his chest. He didn’t know if another pack allowed same-sex mates.

Closing his eyes, he tried to hold in the shudder as he recalled his father’s disgust.

“I will not have this disgusting order in my pack. If any of you wish to fuck one of your own sex get the fuck out, or you will end up like these two dirty bastards.” His father had spat on the floor, the disgust inside him clear for all to see.

“Mates don’t have a choice, Sean. Those two men lost their lives because the fates decided they were supposed to be together.”

“And our fathers made sure they couldn’t. I don’t know what to say, Ben. We can’t allow ourselves to worry about it. Our mates will be women, and we won’t have to deal with our fathers’ wrath.”

Ben came to sit beside him. “I’m not worried about our mates. I don’t want to be part of a pack that can do that to fated loved ones. We’re a pack. There shouldn’t be any law above mates, and yet we’ve just witnessed two men humiliated and murdered.”

Shaking his head, Sean rested his chin on his knees. “I can’t think about this right now. I really can’t.”

In one quick move, he left the bed to rush toward the bathroom. He brought up all of his dinner until there was nothing left. Sean heard Ben enter the bathroom while he was throwing up.

“It’s okay,” Ben said, rubbing his back.

Resting his head on the side of the toilet, Sean didn’t know how much more he could take. He loved his family, but his father had very strict beliefs. Over the last couple of months he’d witnessed a vile destructive quality to his father.

“Is it okay?”

“They might be the only two out there.”

“I doubt that. Dad is going to tear this pack apart. There’s something different inside him, Ben. An evilness that unleashes near every full moon.” Tears filled his eyes, which he tried to force down. It wouldn’t do him any good to cry.

“We can survive this together. I swear.” Ben grabbed his head, and Sean didn’t do anything to fight his touch. This was his biggest secret. Every time Ben put his hands on him it sent warmth throughout his entire body. Lately his dreams had been consumed by Ben. Every time he closed his eyes, Ben was there, talking to him, guiding him, kissing him, loving him.

The hotter the dreams, the more excited he became.

Licking his dry lips, he pulled out of Ben’s hold. He couldn’t hurt his best friend and, the way his feelings were going, he could easily do it.



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About the Author:

Sam Crescent is passionate about fiction. She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing. She began writing in 2009 and finally got that first acceptance in 2011.

She loves creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates. When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc. Like her stories the creations in the kitchen can be just as dubious but sometimes things turn out great.

For more information on other books by Sam, visit her official website:


Facebook profile:

Facebook Page:



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Shadowed Passage, by Shyla Wolff Reply

Shadowed Passage Cover


4 out of 5

Available for Purchase on Amazon  BN 



There is lots of action and a promise to a dad being fulfilled.  A mission involving lost family members, throw in some romance, a sick and demented uncle, lots of action and adventure, this was overall a pretty good read.  However, I enjoyed book one better. This book could be a stand alone, but after reading book 1 I need to read book 2.

Reviewed by Romantic Jaguar

Our Blog was given this book in exchange for and honest review.



Tariffs paid on an ill-fated decision can last a lifetime.

A young boy—tossed an impossible situation by his psychopathic uncle, father or sister, he must kill one for the other to survive.

Two decades later, Dylan has developed his psychic talents, trained by the military, learned the skills necessary to locate the family he’d abandoned as a child and kill the devil himself, Roth. On the day he’s discharged, his ex-boss offers assistance in locating his sisters, demanding help with one more mission in exchange.

Tori, a young woman weeks away from graduating with her Psych doctorate, is torn from her stable life and thrust into a world of espionage, warriors, and unexplainable phenomenon. The man she loves, Major Clannahan, attaches her to the unit charged with locating a terrorist cell. Dylan, leading the unit, draws her like no other. Yet the darkness buried in his soul will test her skills and patience beyond anything she’s ever known.

Kiera and Kyley, identical twins challenged by the extremes of evil yet remain pure of heart, both bound to their man with a love withstanding the tests of time and tragedy.  One a warrior, the other with a warrior’s heart, each wield formidable psychic talents, sought after by a psychopath and terrorist bent on destroying the country.

A group of psychic warriors, dedicated to fighting evil in the shadows, locating and helping others develop their paranormal talents without splintering society’s tenacious perception of reality.

These are the extraordinary people living among us, protecting and preserving our way of life. Courage and honor, duty and strength of will can sustain us for only so long. Eventually, we must find our own path forward, learning to open our hearts to love even as we risk the ultimate pain.



Shadowed Passage Banner 851 x 315




“The choice is yours boy, but understand—not deciding is making a decision. Do it before I make the decision for you. Only difference is, I won’t kill one, I’ll kill them both. Father or sister. You have all the power. ”Roth’s kept his tone calm and gentle. The evil coiled tightly within him warmed his soul. He fancied the boy killing his father, silently rooting for the infant to survive. He could have lots of fun with her over the coming years. The boy’s father would die either way. Roth had bound and beaten him just for fun.

“Daddy? What do I do?” Tears streamed down Dylan’s face, sobs racked his entire nine-year-old battered frame. His gaze slid from his father to his baby sister, now held by Roth. When he looked back at his dad’s bruised and bloody face, he cried harder. His dad’s eyes were swollen—nearly shut.

The gun shook uncontrollably in the boy’s small hand. “Daddy?”

Boredom shadowed Roth’s eyes, the excitement of the climax dimmed with the child’s indecisiveness. His gaze wandered out the window over the kitchen sink. In the back yard, a massive play structure stood, complete with swings, tunnels, overhead ladder, and a slide. How extravagant for just two children, one still an infant. His sister always belabored the little things. Shame she’s not present to witness this. He would’ve found this even more amusing.

The blond haired infant cradled roughly in his left arm actually cooed at him. Disgusting. If he kept this thing, he’d have to hire a nanny. Still, the thought of it growing up with half the powers he’d felt in his sister years ago made the brat worth the trouble…If she survived today. He sighed.


“Dylan, son, It’s okay. You’re going to be all right. Look at me. Remember how we played catch this morning? When you think of me, you’ll remember how we played ball today. Okay, son?” He didn’t know what else to say in this horrific situation. His own psychotic brother in law was forcing his son to commit the most heinous act imaginable, choose between patricide and sororicide. Roth had always been the canary in the crazy mind but even Devon hadn’t seen this coming.

“Awww, isn’t this touching?” Roth snorted, no doubt weary of his twisted game. “What a little wimp. I’m growing tired of your indecision, boy. I think I’ll just slice this little bitch’s throat.




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About the Author:

Of the many lessons life seems intent on throwing her way; the most important one Shyla’s learned is to take the time to enjoy family and friends. The flux and flow of changes aren’t something to fight, but adapt to with the best of your ability. One day’s heartbreak is often followed by another day’s triumph. The only barricades remaining are the ones we refuse to navigate. She hopes you’ve enjoyed this story. Shyla’s website,, will be updated as Dylan’s journey continues.





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